Make the Most of Your Small Living Room

Small lounge decor ideas

A small living room space doesn’t have to mean that it’s unattractive or unaccommodating. In fact, it can mean that your room is extremely cosy and welcoming. However, it can sometimes take a little work to achieve this and to avoid and eliminate any clutter.

We’ve come up with a host of ideas so that you can optimise your space without compromising on the aesthetic value of your room.

Choose a sensible colour scheme

The colour you use throughout your living room will be vital for creating your desired atmosphere.

Opt for warm yet slightly pale shades, such as beige, cream, pastels and neutral tones. Avoid white for the walls as this generally fits larger open spaces, and can make a smaller room appear ‘clinical’.

If you’re a fan of the colour pop trend, you can incorporate this using a few statement pieces, such as bright furnishings (cushions, rugs etc) or bold lamps.

Living room colour palette decor

Invest in good storage systems

To keep clutter to a minimum, it’s important that you think carefully about how you store your belongings in your living room. Think about your favourite items and display only these, rather than attempting to showcase every single thing you own.

Keep shelves clutter free and tidy, for a fuss-free, modern look. You could also opt for a unit with drawers to hide clutter further.

A rule that will help you when you are organising your storage in your living room is to simply ask yourself two questions when deciding where to put things: ‘does this need to be in the living room?’ and ‘how can I make it work with the rest of the decor?’.

Use clever lighting

You will want the small space to be well-lit without being too bright and overpowering, so make the most of the natural light that your living room receives.

If looking to update your windows, ensure you research companies that are raising the standard for uPVC windows, to be certain that they are fulfilling their purpose effectively.

Keep furniture and general clutter clear of windows to avoid the natural light from being obstructed.

Also think carefully about artificial light too – when choosing a lampshade or lamp, think about the colour the shade will omit to the rest of the room, as well as the bulb you will need to use.

Cosy home living room decor

Make a statement

As mentioned before, you don’t have to limit your small living room to neutral tones and a muted palette – consider adding a splash of colour with a piece of striking, statement furniture. This can include anything from a bold armchair to a striking lamp.

This will not only bring the room bang up-to-date as far as the colour trend goes, but an eye-catching piece will also draw attention to it, and therefore away from the small size of the room.

If you’re not feeling particularly brave, use smaller pieces instead, such as soft furnishings like cushions or a bright throw over your sofa.

Colourful artwork on a bare wall also has the same affect and will provide a fantastic talking point when you have guests round.

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