Six ways to use contemporary open shelving units

Fresh Design Blog features open shelving units

Open shelving – do you love it or loathe?

Open style shelving isn’t for everyone (it’s not ideal if you’re a clutter fiend, for example), but if you love the pared back, minimal look, there are some fantastic contemporary open shelf designs available. And there are some great ways in which you can use them in your home.

1. Go bold with colour and design to make a shelving statement, with the Zenith contemporary bookcase by Essencia Home – £360 from Go Modern

2. Adopt a woodland theme in your home, with the tree inspired branch bookcase in walnut – £199 from Dwell

3. Go retro, with the walnut Polygon open shelving unit by Luka Stepan – £299 from

4. Form a room partition, with a large Urbane Designs Hadlee asymmetric shelving unit - £342.39 from Wayfair

5. Get creative, with Sean Yoo and Casamania’s Opus Incertum shelf, which can have other matching sections added on top or by the side to make it bigger – £243 from Made In Design

6. Opt for relaxed laidback shelving, with the Escala ladder style shelf in white – £149 from Dwell

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