In-depth product review: The new Samsung WW9000 Ecobubble touchscreen washing machine

A few weeks ago, my laundry routine was overturned by the arrival of the WW9000 washing machine, a new product from Samsung, and I wrote at the time about my first impressions of this addition to my household arsenal. Now, the WW9000 and I have had time to get acquainted. Here’s how it went.

Features of the WW9000

* One of the most promoted features of this new machine is the intuitive touch screen interface, which offers you a range of wash options at the touch of a button. It will also store your ‘most used’ preferences for quicker access. The menu reveals a whole range of washing options, ranging from the conventional ‘wool’ and ‘delicates’ programmes to the more exotic sounding ‘active sports’ and ‘outdoor care’ (for walking jackets etc). 

* There’s also a specific ‘babycare’ programme for parents. If that all sounds a bit complicated, the machine also has an ‘auto optimal wash’ setting which automatically detects the best temperature, time, rinse cycle and spin speed.  You can even choose between ‘super speed’ and ‘super eco’ – in fact, the WW9000 has excellent eco credentials, and as it holds up to 10kg of washing at once, you’ll be able to wash more in fewer loads which is good news for both you and the environment.

* Next on the list is the ‘auto dispense‘ feature for detergent and conditioner. This is a reservoir at the bottom of the machine that you fill up with the products of your choice. The WW9000 then dispenses the right amount of product for your specific wash, so there’s no need to add detergent each time (although you can disable this feature for specific loads if you want to, for example if you’re washing towels and don’t want to use any conditioner).

* Like many things these days, the WW9000 is really a computer. It’s possible to control it remotely from a Smartphone, meaning you can start, cancel or pause a cycle or check where it’s up to without actually being at home.

* Ecobubble technology is another selling point. Air and water are pulled in to generate bubbles, dissolving and activating the detergent, which then penetrates faster and more evenly throughout the wash load. This feature also seemed to mean that the clothes came out less creased, and some I didn’t need to iron at all.

How it worked

I loved the sleek, minimalist look of this machine, which fitted well into my traditional decor. The touchscreen technology meant there were literally no controls except the screen and an on button, making it look very clean and unfussy. I couldn’t wait to try it out.

From the everyday to the speciality, there’s a setting for every occasion

First up was a ‘normal’ load of laundry, mostly cottons including T-shirts and shirts. The large capacity meant I could add over half as much again compared to my old 6kg machine, which was very satisfying. I used the ‘cotton’ cycle, and the machine showed me a progress bar all the time so I could see where it was up to with the wash. The wash quality was excellent, and the machine offered me the chance to see the eco impact of the wash afterwards.

Next, I experimented with a large tablecloth that’s never before been washed at home as it was too heavy for my old machine. This had several old food stains which a commercial washing machine had failed to remove. I was pleased with the results of this wash in the WW9000 – many of the stains were removed or greatly reduced when using the Cooking and Dining cycle, even though they weren’t freshly made. The only exception was a red wine stain – well, you can’t expect miracles!

The Cooking and Dining cycle comes up trumps

The final test was a fleece rug belonging to my horse. Although it’s washable, I’ve never before tried to wash it in a machine as it’s quite big and heavy. After weighing it dry, I was pleased to find it was well within the machine’s capacity. As horse hair and washing machines don’t tend to mix, I first put it in a special wash bag to protect the machine’s drum from the fur and buckles – these bags are also great for dog and cat beds. I ran it through on the synthetics cycle, and the rug came out looking like new although it was at least five years old. 

I was also keen to try the Smartphone feature, although as I work from home this is probably of less use to me that it would be another user. It was easy to use though, and would be a godsend if you set off on the school run having forgotten to turn the machine on.

All in all, I can honestly say I loved the Samsung WW9000 washing machine. At £1,499 it’s not cheap, but the cleaning performance, eco credentials and functionality are all outstanding. For more information, visit the WW9000 product page on the Samsung website.

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