Dualit Architect toaster with changeable colour panels

Contemporary Dualit Architect toaster colour

Colour changing toaster

Who’d have thought of designing a toaster where you can change the colour of its panel?

Well, Dualit did!

The Architect two slice toaster has all the toasting abilities you’d expect, plus the addition of side panels that can be removed to change the colour of your toaster.

It’s a novel idea and great if you can’t make up your mind which colour toaster to buy, or change your kitchen decor and want your toaster to match it again.

In practice, we’re not sure how often we’d get round to changing the colour panels, but it’s a creative design nonetheless.

The toaster itself costs £69.95 and toaster colour panels cost £15 per pair. Panels are available from Selfridges in apple candy, azure blue, citrus, canvas white and chilli pink, but Dualit do make additional colours too.

Currently the panels are sold in matching pairs, but we think mixed colour selections would be good.

What do you think? Would you buy a toaster that you can colour change to match your kitchen?


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