Working clock wall stickers from Spin Collective

Funky fresh design clock wall sticker

Working alarm clock sticker

What’s better than a funky clock wall sticker? A funky clock wall sticker that doubles up as a working clock, of course.

Spin Collective do a brilliant range of working clock wall stickers in different designs. We love the oversized alarm clock wall sticker and the working wall clock sticker, in particular.

The vinyl decal stickers work like all other wall stickers and can be stuck in your chosen location. The working clock mechanism comes with the sticker and is simply applied to the centre of the sticker to finish off the time piece. The mechanism operates thanks to an AA battery, which is supplied when the item is purchased.

Fresh design funky wall stickers

Wall clock wall sticker

Most of the clock wall stickers are available in a choice of different colours, but the clock mechanisms are in a standard black finish.

Normally reasonably priced, these funky working clock wall stickers are even more affordable at the moment, as there’s 30% off the usual prices. Sale prices start at £25.90 for the wall clock.

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