Creating the Perfect Child’s Room

Bunk bed for child's room

All kids are different, and you may feel like you’ve got your work cut out for you when trying to find a room design that makes them happy. Add to this the fact that your child’s tastes will change as they get older, and you’ll see why it’s vital to get it just right if you don’t want to keep redecorating every couple of years!

The key to the perfect kid’s room is to choose a theme, but don’t overdo it. For instance, if they like skateboarding, why not buy some cheap skateboards and use them as shelves? Or if it’s horses, use silhouette wall stickers instead of wallpaper – they look cooler and can be peeled off if they’re no longer required! It’s usually best to paint walls with tough, wipeable emulsion rather than using wallpaper – as well as being more hard-wearing, it’s cheaper and gives you more design options.

As in any bedroom, the bed should be the centrepiece of the room. Children’s beds come in all shapes and sizes, and can be chosen to suit the theme. However, don’t worry if you can’t find that perfect race car bed – just choose something simple and classic and then decorate it with duvet and pillow covers. Check out the range of kids’ beds from for some ideas – you’ll be able to find everything from bunk to cabin beds.

If your children are school age, it’s important to give them a space to work – a desk by the window will encourage them to do their homework there. Items like laundry hampers, shelving and storage boxes allow them to organise their belongings instead of leaving them on the floor, making less work for Mum and Dad. Finally, you can brighten things up with a few accessories – cushions, bean bags and funky lampshades will all bring a room to life.

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