Evil Robot Designs graphic wallpaper

Bold, graphic and contemporary – we think these three words sum up the wallpaper range by Evil Robot Designs very well.

If you like decorating with wallpaper that is certainly not run-of-the-mill, then these designs could fit the bill, as they are graphic designs at their best.

We’ve been meaning to write about them for months, since they were launched in May at Clerkenwell Design Week.

It Came From Beneath The Sea is a bold red wallpaper featuring a swirl of black and white octopus tentacles.

Graphic Evil Robot contemporary wallpaperContemporary graphic wallpaper by evil robot

It Came From Outer Space is inspired by B-movies and features a graphic print of a flying saucer invasion.

Contemporary graphic space flying saucer wallpaperContemporary graphic black and white wallpaper

From a distance, the white and grey pinstripe design of The Three Laws of Robotics wallpaper looks quite tame. But once you see it close up you realise that each stripe consists of robots and cyborgs fighting!

Contemporary graphic robot cyborg wallpaperEvil Robot Designs contemporary wallpaper

What do you think of the designs and would you decorate your home with them?

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