Essential kitchen cookware from John Lewis

Stainless steel contemporary cookware

Curve cookware

Sleek and stylish and perfect for a contemporary kitchen, the Curve cookware range is made from stainless steel and includes everything a discerning home cook requires, including saucepans, omelette pans, stockpots, and milk pans.

Saucepans and frying pans are available to buy individually from £23, or in three piece sets from £75.

Budget affordable student cookware

Value cookware

Cookware needn’t be expensive and if you just want the basics, without spending a fortune, then the John Lewis value cookware does the job well.

The range, which includes saucepans and frying pans, is priced from only £5. The pans are made from aluminium, with non-stick inside, and a soft grip silicone handle. Great for students or first time home owners and renters.

Contemporary kitchen cookware

House steel grey cookware

For oven to tableware for a contemporary kitchen, the House cookware range in steel grey ceramic is a striking addition for your home.

Items available include ramekins (£3), utensil jars (£10), jugs (£10), roasting dishes £15) and 3 litre casserole dishes (£15).

Classic fresh white porcelain cookware
House white porcelain range

Or, if you prefer the fresh clean lines of white porcelain (and it’s ideal for mixing and matching with other crockery), the House range is also available in white. It provides functional and durable cookware with simple designs.

The well priced range contains a variety of kitchen essentials, from ramekins (£3) to rectangular dishes (£8), pie dishes (£18) and covered casseroles.

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