Creating a minimal look in a modern family home

Modern minimalist home style

Cross wall unit

Clean lines, hard surfaces and low furniture – these are the three core elements of the minimalism look.

However, to achieve a minimal haven in your home, it is also expected that you have no mess, no clutter, and total tidiness. It is for this reason that most families find it difficult to achieve the minimal look, and avoid it as much as they would a 24 hour flight with the kids.

Yet, the minimal look can be family-friendly. Typically, most minimal rooms are painted all white, and occasionally use an accent colour such as red on cushions or additional touches, to brighten up the room. However, another way of going for a minimal colour scheme is to paint the room in neutral tones, such as greys, muted greens and blues. This keeps in line with the understated feel you may want from your room, but also ensures that children’s grubby fingers won’t leave too much of a stain on your clean walls.

The biggest problem for families is dealing with clutter. However, this can be easily remedied. Instead of trying to hide all the clutter away, and then have to take it all out for the children to play with, just display it. A shelving unit like this one by Fashion for Home is fantastic because it allows you to showcase your clutter in the walnut shelves – which rely on magnetism to stay in place. The unit itself is so modern and minimal that any objects you place inside will do little to challenge its design.

When it comes to overcrowded bookshelves, just hand pick the favourite family books and transfer them to a modern, clean and contemporary shelf. This cross wall unit is a great design piece, and allows you to display a small selection of your books on the crosses, which work instead of typical shelves. Click here for more information.

Flooring is the factor that works most in favour of families. Instead of easily damaged carpets, the minimal look calls for simple, glossy and easily wipeable floors that are perfect for any family. Black granite flooring works well for kitchens, livings rooms and can be used for your entire downstairs. If it does feel too stark, a rug will soften up the minimal décor, and give the kids somewhere to play.

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