Interflora’s Designed to Order service

Interflora Designed to Order service

Floral display inspired by Fresh Design Blog

Did you know that Interflora have a Designed to Order service, where they’ll design a bouquet or floral display for you?

We didn’t know about it until Interflora got in touch and offered to create a floral design for Fresh Design Blog. Their expert florist (in our case, Judy Webb), took inspiration from the blog and created an amazing piece that reflects our tastes and design style.

The end result was absolutely stunning and far better than we’d expected. It was also huge!

The flamboyant floral display effectively captured the essence and focus of the blog – contemporary and modern interior design – and was a clever interpretation of our blog theme.

The display was full of flowers and leaves with contrasting sizes and textures – large, waxy green leaves alongside long smooth leaves, and the amazing large lillies were contrasted with some tiny white flowers. The tall green spikes of Mollucella (Bells of Ireland) on one side, and the green leaves on the other were the perfect backdrop for the stunning white lillies. It doesn’t show that well in the photo, as it’s towards the back, but there was even a splash of blue in there too.

After negotiating the floral display in through the front door (and it did take a bit of careful manoeuvring, due to its size), the best spot for it was in the fireplace (although we could have done with a bigger house to display it to its full effect!). The flowers have all lasted really well and it’s still looking as stunning and effective nearly two weeks later.

If you’d like to use the Interflora Designed to Order service – and it would be a great idea for a special Christmas gift – the process is very easy. You simply have to supply Interflora with five pieces of information – the occasion, who the recipient is, the style you’d like, your colour preferences and how much you want to pay – and they will do the rest. Prices start at £30 and it’s a really nice way to get a truly unique, bespoke and personal bouquet or floral display.

(Many thanks to Interflora and Judy Webb for the fantastic design and service).

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