Decorated Cookies – Twenty to Make by Lisa Slatter: Review

Make and decorate cookies

Inspirational cookie ideas

If you love baking cookies, then this great little practical craft book by Lisa Slatter will provide you with plenty of inspirational ideas on how to decorate them.

Decorated Cookies starts with an essential recipe for making your own cookies and outlines the equipment you’ll need to create iced designs. The book then goes on to explore a wide variety of different cookie shapes, styles and designs you can create for all number of occasions, including Christmas, children’s parties, weddings, new babies, Halloween, winter, romance or any other occasions.

The designs are all very eye-catching and impressive, but there are step-by-step instructions provided to help you achieve the same effect on your cookies. Several of the designs, such as for the pirates, teady bears or clown cookies, involve making faces and there’s a useful page at the back of the book with some excellent ideas on how to create realistic faces on cookies. It covers things like making a nose, eyes, cheeks and ears and is ideal for anyone wanting to decorate cookies with face designs.

It’s hard to pick a favourite design, and we’re keen to try lots of them, but favourites include the Summer Sunflowers, Magical Butterfly, Winter Cheer, Christmas Spirit and Fairy Castle.

Decorated Cookies: Twenty to Make is by Lisa Slatter, published by Search Press and costs £4.99. You can buy it direct from the Search Press website, or find it at all good bookshops.

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