Pink flamingo table

Fabulous pink flamingo tale from Bouf

Pink flamingo table

If you enjoy a sense of fun in your home furnishings, then how about this unusual pink flamingo table?

It’s been cleverly designed in the shape of a flamingo, with the two table legs angled in the same spindlely way as a flamingo. In order to balance the table and make it functional for using, the third table leg is designed to be like the head and long neck of a flamingo. It’s a really fun piece and, although rather quirky, has a certain degree of elegance about it.

As someone who’s been fascinated by seeing pink flamingos in the wild, the table very effectively captures the shape and activity of flamingos, especially the idea of the head dipping down into the water to hunt for food.

The pink flamingo table is available to purchase from Blue Sky via Bouf, a company run by a design graduate and ex-boat builder who now specialises in making furniture and cabinets.

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