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Duck feet egg cups

Friday, April 30th, 2010
Unusual egg cups

Unusual egg cups

As a bit of a change from the usual china egg cups, how about serving up your boiled eggs in these duck feet egg cups?

Made from nickel, and with a silver appearance, there’s a great deal of detail in the duck feet base and they look great when in use on your table.

There are only a limited number of these egg cups in stock, so get yours while you can, from Occa Home.

Nifty herb garden planter pot

Thursday, April 29th, 2010
Handy herb planter

Handy herb planter

Having fresh herbs growing on your windowsill, or just outside your back door, means you can cut and snip off fresh herbs to use as you’re cooking. This great little planter pot, made by Royal VKB, is ideal for growing herbs and even comes complete with a pair of scissors tucked in a little pouch at the side, so you never need rush around looking for scisssors to cut your herbs.

The pot is made of melamine, so is hard wearing, and you can either plant your own herbs directly into it, or pop in shop bought fresh herbs in pots if you wish (and no-one need know, if they get all bushy and hide the pots!).

The Royal VKB herb garden planter is available from various retailers, including House of Fraser, Made in Design and Stylish Life, but the best buy is at All Up and On, as they currently have 17% off the price.  

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Colourful Aldeburgh deckchair from Toast

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010
Stylish deckchair

Stylish deckchair

This striking deckchair would provide you with a good splash of colour and some comfortable seating.

It’s handmade in England from mahogany and is finished with a hardwearing coated cotton seat, with multi stripes of colours such as plum, fuschia and lime.

The sturdy Aldeburgh deckchair is sold by Toast.

Quirky boat funnel storage stool

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Boat funnel stool

The nautical trend is sweeping through fashion and homewares this season – here’s an unusual way of bringing it into your home.

The base of this quirky red and white stool is designed to look like a funnel found on a boat. A sturdy wooden lid is located at the top of the boat funnel, on which sits a jaunty red and white signal flag canvas cushion, which provides a comfortable seat.

But if you lift up the wooden lid underneath the cushion, down below, in the hollow area of the funnel, is some storage space. This could be used for hiding magazines, children’s toys, secret chocolate stashes or even your laundry.

It’s a fun and unusual piece of furniture and, if you want to add the boat funnel storage stool (which measures 47.5cm by 42cm) to your home, it’s available to purchase from Nautical Living.

Recycled table by Jamie Ward Furniture

Monday, April 26th, 2010
Funky recycled table

Funky recycled table

If you’re a fan of truly unique furniture and also love recycled items, then this fab table from Jamie Ward Furniture may well appeal.

The unusual table is produced using various elements of old reclaimed wood, which effectively mixes different types of old furniture styles, to create a new design piece.

There is only one of the table pictured available – each one is different – but it’s ready to buy from Jamie Ward Furniture. Other table and chair designs are available too.

Tord Boontje ivy wall panel

Friday, April 23rd, 2010
Wall art panel

Wall art panel

This unusual decorative wall panel is designed by Tord Boontje and is made from plated steel.

The intricate ivy and floral design is cut into the plated steel to produce a stunning effect with amazing details. Sold in sets of six panels, which can either be joined together and hung in a row, or used individually, each panel measures 17.8cm by 27.9cm.

The wall art panels are available in a choice of silver (shown above) or bronze, cost £47.50 for a set of six and are available to purchase from Dutch By Design.

Maze MagBag magazine rack

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010
Steel magazine rack

Steel magazine rack

From a distance, this looks like a plain white paper bag, the kind you might get given to carry takeaway food in. But on closer inspection, it’s far more hardwearing than a mere paper bag.

Designed by Malin Lundmark for Maze International, the MagBag is actually a contemporary magazine storage rack. Made from a single sheet of lacquered steel, that has been cleverly designed to form the look and shape of a paper carrier bag, the ‘bag’ can be used for all your magazine storage needs.

The handle at the top is decorative, but it also serves the practical purpose of letting you easily pick up your bag of magazines and move them around the house with you. So on a sunny day, if you fancy reading a magazine or two outside with a cup of coffee, you just pick up your MagBag magazine rack and take it with you into the garden.

The MagBag, with its glossy finish, is a great design idea and a real talking point. It’s available to purchase from Red Candy. They also sell a similar re-bag recycling bag too.

Royal Birds of a Feather wallpaper

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Birdy wallpaper

If you’re looking for an unusual or quirky wallpaper, then how about creating a talking point on your walls, with this Birds of a Feather wallpaper?
The design features British garden birds, such as robins and sparrows, perched on a line (a branch for the imaginative) and decorated with subtle hints of the Union Jack.
Admittedly, you may not want this plastered all over your walls, but we think it could work quite well used on a single wall, as a statement wall or simply in a small area that you’d like to liven up.
The bird wallpaper made by Brewers and is available from Wallpaper Direct or  Wallpaper From The 70s. If you want to see it in more detail, samples can be ordered from both sites.
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Tin can storage jar

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010
Tin can jar

Tin can jar

Hot on the heels of the porcelain flour bag container, the glass plastic bag bowl, the porcelain carton milk jug and the ceramic egg box, comes the tin can storage jar.

It looks deceptively like an ordinary tin can with the label removed and even has an intact ringpull on the lid. But there are no baked beans in here!

No, this tin can is a specially crafted storage jar. Made from porcelain, it’s available in the platinum glaze (which really looks the part) or an off-white colour. Use it to store sugar, coffee, tea bags or even biscuits.

The tin can storage jar is available from the Found Home Store for £12.

Stamp Collection mugs

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

stamp-mug-lovestamp-mug multi-stamp-mug

If you’re still getting over the latest rise in the cost of stamps, then you could drown your sorrows with a nice cup of tea in one of these stamp mugs. Choose from the first class Sent With Love, a pure and simple First Class mug or the mulitcoloured stamp mug made up of various stamp denominations.

These mugs are part of the Stamp Collection, a design collection which focuses on celebrating the iconic images of UK stamps. All of the mugs are made of fine bone china, are dishwasher and microwave safe, and are hand finished in the UK.

They’re £10.95 each from Utility Design.

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