Blaue Blume ceramics by Tina Tsang

blaue-blume-tea-cupjpg    blaue-blume-cake-stand2blaue-blume-teapot

If you thought tea sets were boring and old fashioned, think again.

Tina Tsang’s Blaue Blume white tea set ceramics, with their lace pattern textures, have been given a funky modern twist by using legs as handles.

From a tea cup and teapot with leg handles, to a cake stand with legs popping out of the top, Tina Tsang’s designs are nothing short of quirky and memorable.

Granted, they may not be too everyone’s taste, but they’re certainly a different take on traditional designs.

The teacup (£35), teapot (£65) and cake stand (£128) can be purchased from All Things Original. You can even choose whether you want the dainty feet to have red or black shiny shoes.

What do you think – do you love ‘em or hate ‘em?

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