Antique sari chair pad cushions from Myakka

Gorgeous sari cushions

Gorgeous sari cushions

We’ve all for mixing design ideas and themes, and antique and vintage pieces can successfully work alongside modern and contemporary. Take these antique sari seat pads from Myakka, for example.

We’ve fallen in love with the fabric and colours – wonderful embroidery, rich colours, unusual designs, gold detailing and a rainbow of colours – and love the fact that each cushion is finished off with beaded tassels in the corners.

They’re designed to be seat pads – used for sitting on – but if you think they’re a bit too nice to be squashed, you could easily use them as cushions for decorative purposes. A pale or neutral coloured sofa would look great with a few of these dotted around on it.

Each seat pad is unique, with no two being exactly the same, so you can’t guarantee exactly what colour or design you’ll get. As far as we’re concerned, that just adds to the uniqueness.

The antique sari seat pads are sold individually for £14.95 each or as a set of four for £55, from Myakka.

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