Plumo crochet storage stool – love it or hate it?

Bright crochet storage stool

Bright crochet storage stool

We’ve been having a bit of an ongoing ‘love it, or hate it?’ debate about these crochet storage stools ever since they appeared on sale at Plumo.

The stool idea is nice and practical, as there’s plenty of space inside to stow away your clutter. Although the crochet tops are on trend, they’re a bit of a blast from the past too and not one we’re entirely convinced about.

But whilst some of us definitely wouldn’t pay £119 for them – the original price – now that they’re dropped down, we’re beginning to be more tempted.

Last week Home Gems reported them to be £79, but now they’ve fallen even more and are down to only £45 – a much more realistic price than £119.

What do you think? Are you tempted to buy one? You’ll find them available at Plumo, in a choice of pink, purple or green.

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