Jonathan Adler bird bowl

Menagerie bird bowl by Jonathan Adler

Menagerie bird bowl by Jonathan Adler

Designed by Jonathan Adler, this lovely ceramic menagerie bowl is subtely shaped as a bird.

Made from high fired stoneware, it’s finished off with a gorgeous jade green glaze.

The fluid shape, of the birds neck and beak, ranging down through its body and finishing off with a small tail is appealing to the eye and the glaze gives it a wonderful texture. If you like birds, but think some of the images in home accessories at the moment are a bit over the top or over done, then this is more subtle way of utilising the trend. Depending on which angle you view the bowl, it’s not always immediately obvious that it is in fact a bird.

Jonathan Adler’s menagerie jade bird bowl measures 18cm by 27cm and is available from Heal’s.

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