One Kimono bench, three prices!


Just in case you missed it, another bargain price has been spotted for the lovely oriental patchwork Kimono bench.

* If you remember, Plumo are selling it for £159.

* We spotted it at Berry Red for £129.

* Now Zoe, of Beautiful Things, has found the same bench for the fantastic bargain price of £99!

All three retailers are marketing the bench slightly differently, as well as pricing it at vastly different levels. The £99 price tag is being offered by Funky Kids Furniture, which is a classic example of how one piece of furniture can be viewed as being suitable for a variety of ages.

Don’t be put off by this though, as it’s the same beautiful bench and would save you £60 on the original Plumo price, which can’t be sniffed at!

(No offence to Plumo – we love your products, but we also love bagging a bargain!)

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