Home accent colours: A pop of mellow yellow

May 4th, 2016

Looking for an accent colour? Yellow is the perfect uplifting hue for a contemporary home interior. Why not try some of these pieces?

Little pops of accent colours can help complete a room decor scheme. You don’t have to have lots of them – just a couple of well chosen pieces of furniture or accessories are all it takes.

If you fancy adding some accents of mellow yellow into your home, then here are some fab ways to bring the colour of sunshine into your home all year round.

Top row, from left to right:

Yellow Freakish statement clock – from Barnaby & Co

Bespoke Word Theme word art prints (this one features delicious biscuits!) – from Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous

Wild and Wolf English mustard task lamp – from Black By Design

Yellow Eye Ikat design cushion – from My Little Wish


Middle row, from left to right:

My yellow deer head – from The French Bedroom Company

Ceramic pineapple – from The Contemporary Home

Lova Scandinavian side table – from Harley & Lola

Wild & Wolf English mustard telephone – from Red Candy


Bottom row, from left to right:

Hamlyn two seater sofa in sulphur yellow, designed by James Harrison – from

Atomic yellow flowers tea tray – from Quince Living

Illustrations Lennart by Danish artist AskØ – available from Astella Hrela

Eclipse mirror designed by Vitamin – from Lime Lace



Give your home a spring colour makeover without using green

April 27th, 2016

Now that it’s the start of spring, a deep clean and rejig of the home is just the thing to give it a fresh feel. I find that a quick update of soft furnishings and the odd piece of furniture will also take my home from the gloom of winter into sunshine and spring. show us how to create an instant feeling of spring in your home, without having to turn to an expected colour – green. Learn how to wow your guests with a sophisticated and stylish home that defies the norm, as well as avoid a colour that can be tricky to pull off in interiors.

Don’t be afraid to add bright accents 

Bright and cheery spring colour ideas for decorating your home

Pictured right: Robin Day Polo Sled Chair – £89, Ardens Rug – £45

Take note from early spring’s pretty flowers and flashes of sunlight and incorporate them into the home. Introducing a brightly coloured chair to a neutral colour-scheme will instantly liven up your space for the coming months.

Give your home a seasonal wardrobe

You do it with your clothes, so why not your furnishings? Nothing makes a place feel fresher than swapping winter’s essential heavy throws and cushion covers for something lighter. If you don’t already do this, give it a try and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the difference that it makes.

Don’t let rain get you down

Give your home a new look with some stunning contemporary lights

Pictured, right: Dylan 7 Light Pendant – £95

And as we’re in Britain, a drop of rain or two is the norm. However, why not learn to find some beauty in it? Introduce deeper, darker tones of greys, indigos and charcoal for a chic, moody touch. High shine, glossy and mirrored textures will create a sense of space, as well as mimic spring rain.

Embrace your surroundings

Not everyone lives in the countryside, or even close to greenery for that matter. But you can still bring outdoor-inspired elements into your home. Cool, earthy tones reminiscent of benches, paths and walls look great when paired with warmer, organic textures for a luxury take on the outdoors indoors trend.

Look towards the sky

Love these shades of blue and grey for decorating a home - they're calming and restful colours

Pictured, right: Sheepskin rug – £59, Grace Chair – £105

Spring isn’t all about bright blue skies and cloudless days, but that doesn’t make the colours we see any less beautiful. Make the most of dusty pink sunsets and washes of indigo, lilac or off-white by mimicking them with your curtains or blinds. This will attract attention to your window and the natural light pouring in, which will in turn, create an illusion of space.

Animal magic: Quirky homeware finds from Graham and Green

April 26th, 2016

Lots of fun and quirky animal themed pieces that you never knew you needed!

Animals are renowned for bringing a spot of magic into our lives. But if you aren’t able to have real animals in your home, there are plenty of alternative options to consider.

Thankfully, Graham & Green are on hand with plenty of animal themed homeware to make you smile. Here’s a selection of some of their super quirky pieces that are sure to add some charm and style into your home.

1. Hanging ceiling monkey lamp

2. Polar bear flower vase

3. Large pink feather flamingo

4. Pink ostrich wall console table

5. Junon goose bedside lamp – in white or pink

6. Dessie Dino and Donny Dachshund corn on the cob holders

7. Dinosaur lights

8. Monkey bottle holder

9. Marcel white monkey money box

***Special discount offer***

If you spend £50 or over at Graham & Green, you can get 20% off your order by using the code SPRING20.

The offer runs until midnight on Sunday May 1st (excludes Andrew Martin, Kartell and sale products).

The future’s bright…10 gorgeous neon home accessories

April 25th, 2016

Now spring is here, why not add a bright splash of colour to tired interiors with these neon home accessories.

1. Neon tassel mini-garland, Meri Meri

Neon party tassels, £7.50

Ideal for garden parties or just for cheering up a tired colourscheme, this mini garland has 24 decorative tassels made from crepe paper and glittery paper in bright, neon colors and golds. Each tassel is stitched with metallic thread and attaches to a metallic gold cord. £7.50, available from Sisters Guild.

2. Neon vase, Barnaby & Co

Neon vase, £21

Imagine this ceramic cylinder vases with its neon drip print filled with tall, structural flowers like lilies. Hand made in fine bone china, it’s also available in neon pink and neon green. £21, available from Barnaby & Co.

3. Neon cup and saucer, Quince Living

Neon cup and saucer, £6.50

If just coffee alone can’t get you going in the morning, how about serving up your caffeine in this eye-popping neon cup? The ceramic is coated in silky smooth rubber for a really modern texture. It’s available in a range of colours including neon orange and neon pink, and costs £6.50 from Quince Living.

4. Neon pink Alice stool, Rose in April

Neon pink stool, £60

From French brand Rose in April comes this child’s Alice stool, in beech wood with water based paint.  The chunky design and bright colours are sure to appeal, and your child will have fun turning this stool into everything from a fairy carriage to a pet donkey in their imagination. £60, available from Sisters Guild.

5. Bloomingville outdoor BBQ in neon pink, Brynlee

Neon pink barbecue, £65

Bored of black barbecues? Fancy a splash of colour in the garden? Painted the brightest of pinks and shaped like a bucket, this bright barbecue will still fulfil its function while a little more individuality to the patio. £65, available from Out There Interiors.

6. Dachshund Dot Cushion, Red Lily

Dotty dachshund cushion, £36.50

A vibrant and humourous cotton cushion with a black dachshund print contrasting with bold crimson dots and embroidered details and star embellishments, this will cheer up a plain sofa or bed cover. Includes a duck down pad. £36.50, available from Red Lily.

7. Lotus mohair throw, Avoca

Bright mohair throw, £99.95

Made from 70% mohair and 30% wool, this bright throw is woven at Avoca’s mill in Ireland. In vibrant warm shades of pink, yellow and green, it’s the perfect thing to add contemporary colour and warmth to your home and would be perfect draped over your favourite sofa, chair or bed. £99.95, available from Iapetus.

8. VP3 brushed orange flowerpot table lamp, Verner Panton

VP3 brushed orange flowerpot table lamp, £319

An original design by iconic 1960s designer Verner Panton, the VP3 table light connects two semi spheres with a stalk to an upturned third which forms the base. Available in a wide range of colours and finishes, the perfect simplicity of the design means it’s still at home in any contemporary interior. £319, available from Rume.

9. Pink Leitmotif Z lamp, Viva Lagoon

Pink Leitmotif Z lamp, £29

This lamp, made from high quality metal that’s been coated in a bright pink shade, is a great combination of design and practicality. It’s perfect for use as a reading lamp on a bedside or side table, and would also work well as a desk lamp for your office or study. £29, available from

10. Butterfly sunset silk cushion, Laura Nicolson

Blue silk butterfly cushion, £62

This bright, glamorous cushion has etched butterflies fluttering across a sunset of deep colours. Designed by Laura Nicolson, the butterflies were inspired one summer’s evening in the Kent countryside. £62, available from IN-SPACES.

By Sara Walker

How to add colour and space to any home

April 20th, 2016

Gorgeous living room with fuschia pink accessories.

Are you struggling with adding colour to your home or creating the right amount of functional space? Today’s guest post has some ideas for helping you solve both these common issues.

For any home to work for those residing in it, the colour needs to be right as well as the layout to maximise the space. If you’re revamping your home or trying to add some finishing touches and are keen to make it feel spacious and colourful, here are four tips to keep in mind.

How to add colour

You definitely don’t need to strip walls or buy new furniture when it comes to adding some fun colour to your home. Here are a few simple ways of making things a little brighter.

 1. Get the paintbrush out

A feature wall is a good idea for any room and can be used to create a striking effect. Paint a mint green wall in your kitchen or a pretty purple in the living room and instantly enjoy the resulting extra colour in your space.

If you don’t want to create a feature wall, add colour in other places. For example, you could paint door frames, the inside of cupboards or shelves in appealing colours.

2. Focus on finishing touches

Swapping plain door handles for brightly coloured ones and kitchen accessories on the worktops for bolder shades are also easy ways of introducing colour to the home.

Cushion covers, blankets resting on the back of sofas and rugs can all be collected in bright colours and used to tie a room together.

How to add space

Creating more space is something that needs to be tackled carefully. Storage is important in any home but there are savvy ways of creating more room, here are a few.

3. De-clutter

Before you do anything, it’s a good idea to go through each room in your home and discern what you need and what can go.

You can donate items to the local charity shop, sell them on eBay for a little extra cash or even put them in a storage unit if they’re a sentimental item or you think you might need them in the future. People don’t think to use storage units temporarily but they can be a quick fix solution and are located everywhere from Farnham to Glasgow.

 4. Find better ways of using space

That nook under the stairs would be a great spot for a desk and chair perhaps or you could grab some under the bed storage boxes and create more room in your cupboard by using them for bedding.

Think about the space you use now – just by rearranging a cupboard and introducing some storage baskets to shelves you could better utilise it and therefore create more room.

Adding colour to your home is such a simple task and while it might require some DIY skills on your part in some cases, it can usually be done with minimal stress and expense. Choose colours that reflect you and work for each room. Plus, when it comes to creating more space, where possible try to use what you already have in new ways and see if it could be more effective.

(Image courtesy of Heart Home magazine)

Create a gorgeous outdoor space with Harley & Lola

April 18th, 2016

With summer approaching (we hope!), now’s a good time to start thinking about how you could create a relaxing outdoor area.

We’ve teamed up with Harley & Lola – an environmentally friendly homeware and furniture company – to explore how their garden and conservatory furniture could be put to good use for creating the perfect outdoor space. We’ve put together some of our favourite pieces of contemporary furniture and accessories on a Pinterest board, which you can view here:

Follow FreshDesign Blog’s board Harley & Lola Outdoor Room on Pinterest.

When it comes to relaxing, comfort is obviously a number one consideration. In order to relax and unwind properly, you need to be able to be comfortable – whether you’re sitting, lounging or lying down. What a fabulous day bed to use in a garden. It looks so comfy and the canopy is useful for shade.

One of the ultimate pieces for contemporary garden relaxation has to be a day bed and we love the Port Royal Prestige day bed, with its retractable canopy and matching coffee table. It looks amazingly comfortable and can fit one or two people. The canopy is ideal to use when it gets too hot, or you don’t want the sun in your eyes. From a space-saving point of view, it’s good to know that you can store the coffee table inside the base of the daybed when it’s not in use. Super comfy and stylish garden lounger from Harley & Lola

Of course a lounger is a great addition to a garden too, so there’s a matching lounger we’d pair with this, for those times when you just want to rest, doze off and lie down.   In terms of garden furniture, we love pieces that can effectively be used in a conservatory when the weather is poor, then moved into the garden when the weather improves, like this Port Royal Prestige large sofa setLuxury garden or conservatory sofa set

The design and style is perfect for a contemporary home and it gives more a of a luxury feel than standard garden furniture. Think boutique hotel. 

Shade is important too – especially when it gets really hot, or you’re sitting out in the midday sun. We like the look of the Amalfi parasol, as it can be positioned at the side of a table or chairs, rather than simply in the middle, and it looks like it will angle well. 

Contemporary design leaf and tree chairs from Harley and Lola. Ideal for use in the garden or conservatory.

Of course, there are times when you want easily moveable garden chairs too – for example, if you want to nip outside in the sun for a quick cup of coffee, but haven’t got time to be out for long. In those cases, these tree and leaf chairs are ideal. They’d work well inside a conservatory too – the black tree chairs in particular would be excellent as dining chairs. 

If you’re sitting outside in an evening, perhaps following dinner or a barbecue, it can often begin to feel a bit chilly. That’s where having a blanket on hand comes in useful! A snuggly fleece blanket would be super cosy and Harley & Lola have the perfect range available.  

Finally, for the ultimate in outdoor room, we’d have to add in a few extra cushions for comfort (we love these recycled denim and chenille ones), a soft pouffe to use for extra seating or a foot rest, plus a lantern or two to create the perfect ambience. 

So, that’s how we’d create our perfect outdoor room – what would be in yours?

(Disclosure: This is a collaborative post)  

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