Best Japandi Wallpaper Ideas For Calming Home Decor

With their clean, precise lines, regular shapes and cool colours, this blend of traditional Japanese style and Scandinavian design,

elements results in distinctive wallpaper designs that are perfect for your home and can add  a calming feel to your decor.

Let’s dig deeper into what the Japandi style of decorating is and how you can nail it in your home with your wall decor.

Japandi Colour Palette

The typical colour palette of Japandi interior design combines the bright, light colours of Scandinavian style with the warm and natural tones of Japanese decorating.

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Japanese Wave Wallpaper

This beautiful wallpaper features  a classic Japanese wave motif and is available in several soft pastel colourways, including this green and white.

Morning Mountain Mist Wallpaper

This morning mountain mist wallpaper is beautifully soothing and minimal in design, adding a tranquil atmosphere to a room.

Bed of Reeds Japandi Style Wallpaper

This is really unusual wallpaper design (and quite possibly our favourite), that is oozing with natural texture and movement.

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