Best Clever Corner Cabinet Ideas To Maximize Storage

Today corner cabinets are still  a popular piece of furniture, not least as they are cleverly designed to make use of the space available in the corners of a room,

such as a corner of your kitchen,  a dead corner in your living room, or a tricky dead space corner in  a bathroom.

In this story we’re exploring the benefits of using corner cabinets for storage in your home, and offer insight into some of the best corner storage solution options for additional storage.

Romsey Oak Corner TV Cabinet, Oak Furnitureland

Ideal in compact living rooms, the Romsey corner TV cabinet is the perfect home for your TV, media player, gaming console and more.

Imari Mango Corner TV Cabinet, Casa Bella

The two large shelves of this sturdy cabinet offer lots of space for your components while the cupboards are perfect for your DVDs, Blurays and games.

Parquet Solid Oak Corner Dresser, Oak Furnitureland

This morning mountain mist wallpaper is beautifully soothing and minimal in design, adding a tranquil atmosphere to a room.

One-Drawer Corner Shelf, Melody Maison

This is really unusual wallpaper design (and quite possibly our favourite), that is oozing with natural texture and movement.

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