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Down the Rabbit Hole wall decal from Domestic Landscapes

Thursday, September 20th, 2012
Hypnotic dazzling fresh design wall decal

Wall decal

Could you live with this wall decal in your home?

This somewhat dazzling design (best not viewed with a headache or hangover) is produced by Domestic Landscapes. Rather aptly, it’s called Down The Rabbit Hole.

From a design point of view, it’s cleverly produced and can create a very effective impact on a wall, giving a sense of depth and the feel that you room extends out into a tunnel. In a small room, it could make it feel bigger.

As it’s quite ‘in your face’, it’s perhaps not ideal for the faint hearted.

The decal measures four metres wide by three metres high and comes in eight strips, which you have to assemble on the wall yourself. It could be interesting matching up the lines…

Down the Rabbit Hole doesn’t come cheap, but it is an intriguing design and a rather different form of wall decor. You can find it for sale at Bouf.

Fresh Design decor idea: Tetris wall sticker

Monday, August 6th, 2012
Funky contemporary wall sticker decor

Tetris wall sticker

Oooh, a Tetris wall sticker!

We’ve featured lots of fab wall stickers on Fresh Design Blog and it’s hard to choose favourites, but if it’s fun, colourful and retro you’re looking for – and you love a good computer game – you can’t beat having Tetris on your wall.

The Tetris wall decal is designed by Your Deco Shop and is available in several different sizes.

You get a selection of Tetris pieces in all the classic colours, which you can arrange on the wall as you wish – with bits already fitted into rows, and other suspended pieces in falling motion, or in any other way you choose.

Red Candy have three sizes of the Tetris wall sticker set in stock, priced from £51.

Fresh Design ideas: Cardboard storage wallpockets

Thursday, January 12th, 2012
Fresh design wall decor ideas from recycled cardboard

Amazing cardboard wall decor

It’s amazing what you can do with cardboard these days…

Part clever design, part wall art, and part functional storage, these amazing wall pockets are made out of 100% recycled cardboard.

We spotted them over on All Things Paper and couldn’t resist featuring them, as the design and idea is so clever.

They’re designed by Tim Karoleff and Shea Springer for Ampersand and were inspired by geometric shapes and the ‘curious textures created by clusters of barnacles.’

As well as providing your wall with an eye-catching, 3D form of wall decor, you can use the wallpockets to store small items – nifty, eh?

Creative Wall Art: Cow Parade wall stickers

Monday, October 10th, 2011
Funky cow wall stickers

Funky cows

Fancy adding some cows to your interior decor? This funky herd are ready to moo-ve in and adorn your walls!

The set of Cow Parade wall stickers feature seven gloriously patterned and designed cows. There’s no simple black and white cows here – we’re talking floral, geometric, hearts and even an old style clock design on the backs of these animals.

If you want to add a bit of fun into a your living room, kitchen or bedroom decor, then have a patterned cow walking across the wall.

Use the wall stickers individually in several rooms, or group them together for a herd effect.

However you choose to use them, these quirky cows are bound to raise a few eyebrows and create a few comments, especially where they’re unexpected.

Made by Creative Wall Art and part of their Home Interiors Stickers collection, the Cow Parade stickers can be purchased from Wallpaper Direct for £21.98.

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