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Small is beautiful: Caterpillar design glass bud vase

Thursday, March 21st, 2013
Bud vase for spring blooms

Mini caterpillar style bud vase

Sometimes small is beautiful and even the tiniest of accessories can make an impact.

With spring blooms finally opening up in the garden, there are lots of small and dainty flowers around, like crocuses, snowdrops and primroses. If you want to bring a few into your house, then this mini caterpillar design vase is the ideal way of displaying them.

The small round bud vases are joined together to provide a bigger impact – fill all of them, or some of them, with a few fresh blooms and enjoy the arrival of spring.

The caterpillar bud vase is just £9.95 from The Handpicked Collection.

Conran style update competition: win £100

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011
White polo mint hole vase home accessory

Modern vase

Updating your home for spring needn’t cost a fortune and, thanks to a competition currently running at The Conran Shop, you could even win some cash to help you do just that!

To celebrate their new season’s accessories, The Conran Shop are giving away a £100 voucher each week for the next three weeks. All you have to do to enter is browse their website, find your favourite accessory costing £100 or less and tweet or blog about why you like it.

To enter on Twitter, just tweet a link to the accessory to @Conran_shop, including the hashtag #conranstyle. For blog entries, simply post the picture of the item on your blog, along with details of why you’ve chosen it, and tweet a link to @Conran_shop. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

Details of the winners will be included on The Conran Shop blog and on their website.

Our choice is this curvy white earthenware glazed Polo mint inspired modern vase. The design is eye-catching, so would draw interest to wherever its placed, and the neutral colour gives it timeless appeal.

The Polo vase is £35 and available exclusively at The Conran Shop.

Upcycled glassware by Who’s? Glass

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Vintage recycled milk bottle vases by Who's? Glass Lars Persson glassmaker bird vaseAbsolut vodka glass jugUpcycled glassware from Lars Persson

Would you believe that the green glass bird vase above started off life as a Perrier bottle? It’s true and all of the items shown have been upcycled from discarded glassware.

North Devon-based glass company, Who’s? Glass, specialise in transforming domestic glass waste into contemporary products. All the bottles they use are collected locally and are heated and shaped by hand. They’re a great example of effective homeware upcycling and produce some innovative products.

If you’re fond of retro pieces, then the 1970s milk bottle vases will raise a smile (£24.95). The delightfully quirky Perry Perrier water bird vase is fantastic and a limited edition of only 100, all of which are unique and individual (£19.95 each).

If vodka is your favourite tipple, then the cocktail pitcher or jug made from an old Abolut vodka bottle is a must (£24.95). Gin drinkers are catered for too, with the slimline Gordon’s Gin vase or straw holder (£22.50).

All of these creative glassware creations are made by Who’s? Glass and can be purchased from their online store.

Wonderful blue glass Aladdin stem vases

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010
Great collection of vases

Great collection of vases

These small blue glass Aladdin vases are designed to hold a single stem and are a lovely way of displaying flowers from your garden.

But they’re also a great little set for using as decorative accessories in the home. The vases come as a set of six, three made from clear blue glass and three from frosted glass. There are plenty of ways in which you can use them – dotted around singly on windowsills, in pairs, in groups of three or altogether on a shelf.

The set of six Aladdin stem vases is very affordable at only £12 from Graham and Green.

The handkerchief vase: One vase, two prices

Thursday, June 10th, 2010


Vases come in all shapes, designs and sizes, but one of the trendy shapes we’re currently rather fond of is the handkerchief vase.

The bottom of the handkerchief vase is typical of a standard vase, but from the middle upwards, the changes are very apparent. The design is curved and creased, just like a crumpled hanky would be, which results in the top of the vase being swirly and nicely shaped.

The style of the vase makes it look great simply perched on a shelf, but it’s equally good when filled with flowers too, not least as there are all sorts of fun grooves for stems to lean on, making flower arranging more creative.

A number of shops have handkerchief vases in stock, in a variety of colours, and it’s worth shopping around to get a good price. At John Lewis, a 30cm handkerchief vase in lime green is priced at £25. The same size handkerchief style vase at Bhs, available in a choice of turquoise, pink, clear or black, is £15. We know which we’d go for.

Champagne bottle vase

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

    champagne-bottle-vase1      champagne-bottle-vase

I’ve often kept empty champagne bottles from special occasions and sometimes use them to pop a flower in. However, you can only realistically get one flower stem in, due to the neck of the bottle, so they don’t serve a great purpose as a vase.

That’s where these champagne bottle vases really differ. They’ve been cleverly recycled and properly cut off, to form ample sized vases. The cut-off neck has been smoothed down, so there are no areas where you could cut yourself, and the champagne bottle labels are left on the bottles. All of this is down by hand, by Andy the glassmaker in London – and he personally collects the champagne bottles from bars and restaurants in the West End of London!

The bottle vases look great as a centrepiece on a dining table, or simply to have in any room of your home.

Available as a either a green glass vase or a clear glass vase, the champagne bottle vases are only £11 each from EcoOutlet.

Beautiful porcelain swirl vase

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010
Stylish swirl vase

Stylish swirl vase

This porcelain swirl vase has been cleverly made by sculptors Lee and Larry Jiazhan, under the guidance of designer Lynne Lange, and reflects the movements of nature. The swirls are so effective that you can almost see them moving.

Each porcelain vase is individually handmade and measures 15cm by 25cm. If you want to give it as a present, then it does come with a gift box.

Find out more, or treat yourself to this stunning vase, on Not On The High Street, where it’s sold by Isabel Ballardie Interiors.

Next red swirl bottle vase

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009
Add a splash of colour

Add a splash of colour

If you’re looking to add a splash of colour to your home, then decorative accessories are great to use.

This red swirl bottle from Next, with its slightly orange swirls, would certainly give a good dose of colour and you could use it as a simple vase too, as a single stem would fit in really well.

The red swirl bottle costs £22 from Next.

Laguna Art Glass handbag vases

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

laguna-handbag-vase laguna-blue-handbag-vase

You can never have enough handbags, but now you can have them to pop your flowers in too.

These novel glass vases, by Laguna Art Glass, have been cleverly crafted in the shape of handbags.

The black and white rounded swirl vase measures 18cm and costs £22, whilst the blue and black handbag vase (which looks more like turquoise and green) is 16cm in size and is available for £20.

Buy them both from DotMaison.

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Engraved glass hyacinth bulb vases

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009
Elegant hyacinth vases

Elegant hyacinth vases

Many people grow hyacinth bulbs indoors at this time of year and, if you want to try the traditional method, then you’ll need glass vases to grow them in.

This set of three glass vases, available exclusively from Cox and Cox, are exactly the right size and shape for hyacinth bulbs. The bulb sits in the rounded part at the top and the roots grow down below it.

The three glass vases are in the fresh jewel-like colours of purple, green and clear and they’re all hand engraved. They’d look lovely on a windowsill, planted up with hyacinth bulbs, or simply used for decorative purposes.

The set of three hyacinth bulb vases are available from Cox and Cox.

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