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Fresh finds: Anthropologie frame remnants mirror

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Anthropologie can be a great place to find stylish and creative home accessories and this mirror is no exception.

Contemporary upcycled frame mirror

Porthole mirror

The round porthole style mirror is in a frame that’s been made from remnants of other frames, creatively put together to form a new frame surround.

There are different woods, different textures and pieces of some more ornate frames all mixed together and the overall effect creates a new, quirky and distinctive looking mirror.

The frame remnants mirror measures 60cm in diameter and costs £348 from Anthropologie.

Creative recycled cassette tape lamps

Monday, March 26th, 2012

What to do with your old cassette tapesMake a lamp from old cassette tapes

Ever wondered how old, redundant cassette tapes could be recycled and put to use again? OOO My Design have put their thinking caps on and come up with these great designs for cassette tape lamps!

Contemporary home lighting ideas

A wonderful example of recycling, the box-shaped table lamp and pendant light are both made from old cassette tapes. There’s even a bit of storage space built into the lamp.

It’s a clever idea and even more so, as you can add your own tapes to the design if you wish or take some tapes out to play, to relieve those favourite tunes.

The cassette tapes lamp and pendant light are available in a choice of multicoloured or clear/transparent designs and costs £63 from OOO My Design on Bouf.

Upcycled bicycle wheel clock from Vyconic

Monday, May 16th, 2011
Vyconic design bicycle wheel wall clock

Bicycle wheel wall clock

The wheels of time have turned – and this old bicycle wheel has been upcycled to give it a new life, as a trendy clock!

The reconditioned and re-engineered bicycle wheel has been transformed into a wall clock by Andrew Fitzgerald, an artist and designer from Hertfordshire, who runs Vyconic.

The bicycle wheel clock is mounted directly onto the wall, through the centre of the wheel, which creates an impression that the clock is floating on the wall. The time-telling ability is achieved through the use of a Karlsson clock mechanism, positioned in the centre of the wheel. The spokes of the wheel naturally lend themselves to looking perfectly at home on the face of a clock.

Whether you’re a fan of cycling, or just like unusual clocks, you can order an upcycled bicycle wheel clock from Vyconic (they are made to order) for £99.

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Leitmotiv milk bottle chandelier

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010
Creative designer recycled chandelier lamp

Chandelier made from milk bottles

How’s this for recycling? This very creative glass chandelier by Bonne Plat has been created using milk bottles.

The milk bottles (48 in total) are secured around a central core and built into a metal frame, and they’re fully supported by a steel chain. The chandelier is powered by a single light bulb, which creates an interesting light effect when it’s turned on.

The Leitmotiv milk bottle chandelier is £159.95 from Dutch by Design.

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