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Union Jack bean cube seat

Monday, August 16th, 2010
Perch on a Union Jack

Perch on a Union Jack

We’ve explored several different ways in which you can bring the Union Jack trend into your home and show your love of all things British, but this is probably one of the most subtle.

The Union Jack bean cube is the perfect place to perch when you need an occasional seat in your home, or to rest your tired feet after a busy day. It’s made by Fleur-de-Lis Furnishings from 100% cotton and, although it will bring a bit of added colour and interest to a room, we rather like the faded colour look of this as opposed to ‘in your face’ bright colour.

The Union Jack bean cube is a nice little piece and a great buy at only £24.99 from HomeSense.

British Jack cushion

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010
Great British cushion

Great British cushion

If you like the idea of using patriotic Union Jack home accessories in your decor scheme, but find some of them too over-the-top, then how about buying this Jack cushion instead?

The bold red cushion features a quirky dog design and he’s even wearing a Union Jack scarf around his neck for good measure.

The cushion is available from An Angel at My Table for £25.

Emma Ball coastal apron

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010
Dream of the seaside...

Dream of the seaside...

We love Emma Ball’s colourful designs and are pleased to have discovered this lovely coastal inspired apron.

It’s got umpteen bright deck chairs all over it, with a sprinkling of beach huts, bunting and seagulls thrown in too - all the right ingredients for a summer day on the coast.

Wear it as you cook and dream of being beside the seaside.

The coastal apron is available to buy direct from Emma Ball, for £12.

Antique sari chair pad cushions from Myakka

Friday, February 26th, 2010
Gorgeous sari cushions

Gorgeous sari cushions

We’ve all for mixing design ideas and themes, and antique and vintage pieces can successfully work alongside modern and contemporary. Take these antique sari seat pads from Myakka, for example.

We’ve fallen in love with the fabric and colours – wonderful embroidery, rich colours, unusual designs, gold detailing and a rainbow of colours – and love the fact that each cushion is finished off with beaded tassels in the corners.

They’re designed to be seat pads – used for sitting on – but if you think they’re a bit too nice to be squashed, you could easily use them as cushions for decorative purposes. A pale or neutral coloured sofa would look great with a few of these dotted around on it.

Each seat pad is unique, with no two being exactly the same, so you can’t guarantee exactly what colour or design you’ll get. As far as we’re concerned, that just adds to the uniqueness.

The antique sari seat pads are sold individually for £14.95 each or as a set of four for £55, from Myakka.

Avignon patchwork footstool from Couch

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010
Vibrant footstool

Vibrant footstool

If you love the patchwork trend, but can’t quite run to buying a patchwork sofa, then how about introducing the patchwork idea through a footstool instead?

It takes up far less space than a large piece of furniture, but still adds a good dose of colour to a room. This Avignon patchwork serpentine footstool is upholstered with a selection of stunning fabrics, including some from Designers Guild, and the footstool has nice carved wooden feet fitted with brass castors, so it’s easy to move around.

If the choice of colours and fabrics isn’t quite to your taste, then it is available in other fabric options. This fun piece is available from Couch.

Cobalt ceramic oddie bird

Friday, February 12th, 2010
Quirky bird

Quirky bird

Despite the bird trend having been around for a while now, we’re still drawn to finding different bird-related styles and objects for the home.

Take this oddie bird, for example. It’s made of ceramic in a 1950s style and has been hand dipped in a gorgeous cobalt colour. Each oddie bird has enamel feather transfers applied to give it its own unique character. With its long beak and individual style, it differs from many of the other birdy images we’ve seen in interior designs.

You’ll find the oddie bird for sale at the Catkin Collection.

Felicity black and cream table lamp

Thursday, February 4th, 2010
Stylish monotone lamp

Stylish monotone lamp

It’s amazing how the base of a lamp can totally change its look. If this one was just a plain colour, it would probably be very easily missable, but the striking cream and black design draws the eye in immediately.

The cream base is made of ceramic and is decorated with a lovely black design, and it’s accompanied by a plain black faux linen drum-style lamp shade.

For a stylish lamp that will turn heads - for all the right reasons – and provide some essential light in a dark corner, then this Felicity table lamp is £65 from Very.

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Silver bird paperweight from Oliver Bonas

Monday, January 25th, 2010
Finch paperweight

Finch paperweight

This sweet little silver bird paperweight would be just the thing for perching on your desk to hold down a few papers, or to have peeping out between books on your bookcase.

It’s only small in size – 14cm by 7cm – but sometimes you only need a small decorative item to add a bit of interest to a room and small can be beautiful.

The finch paperweight is silver in colour and made of ceramic and you can buy it from Oliver Bonas for the super value price of only £3.75. That’s a bargain if ever we saw one.

Union Jack felt placemats

Friday, January 22nd, 2010
Patriotic placemats

Patriotic placemats

We’ve had the Waterloo armchair, the cool Britannia sofa,  the Jan Constantine Union Jack swirl cushion and the Emma Bridgewater tin. It was only really a matter of time before we’d feature placemats too.

These Union Jack placemats are made from lovely soft ethically sourced felt and they’re designed in England (where else?).

The round placemats come as a set of four, measuring 29cm in diameter, with a red, white and grey design. Don’t worry about them being made of felt, as they can easily be washed if they get dirty.

To add a patriotic touch to your dining table, head over to Funky Olive, where you can buy the placemat set for £19.99. Matching coasters are available too, for £8.50.

Cool Britannia sofa

Thursday, November 19th, 2009
Union Jack sofa

Union Jack sofa

For a statement sofa that gets noticed, this giant Cool Britannia sofa would surely fit the bill.

The sofa is a large, Chesterfield style, with plenty of room to sit back and relax on, and the Union Jack is made from aged, faded cotton, which is stitched together.

To get the Cool Britannia sofa in pride of place in your living room, then head over to After Noah, where it’s on sale. For the full effect, there’s even a matching armchair too.

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