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Silver and white Christmas tree decorations

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Fresh design Christmas tree decorations

Silver and white are one of our favourite Christmas decor colour combinations and they work very well together in a contemporary or modern home.

The colours are reminiscent of frosty days, icy weather and delicate wintery snowflakes, and there are always plenty of home decorating options available in these classic colours.

From glistening silvery baubles and handmade textured decorations, to unusual ceramic designs, here are nine of our favourite silver and white decorations this year.

1. Christmas stag bauble, £15 from Fired Arts and Crafts

2. Danish style White zinc star decoration, £11.95 from Barbed

3. Secret opening Christmas baubles (perfect for hiding small gifts in!), £10 each from Lisa Angel Homeware and Gifts

4. Feathers in ball hanging decoration, £6.40 from Heal’s

5. Jonathan Adler dove hanging decoration, £20 from Heal’s

6. Mercurised silver glass bauble, £2 from John Lewis

7. Elvie ceramic pinecone decoration, £6 from Rowan & Wren

8. Four glass silver tree baubles, £20 from Posh Totty Designs Interiors

9. Handmade crochet snowflake decoration, £6.95 from The Original Pop Up Shop

Colourful contemporary Christmas tree decorations

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012


Best Christmas baubles 2012

Liven up your Christmas tree by adding some colour in the form of colourful Christmas decorations and baubles.

We love all of these for making an impact:

1. Pantone Xmas baubles, £8 each from Found Home Store on Bouf

2. Bombki Little Cooper Christmas bauble, £13.60 from Heal’s

3. Karasel, pack of three hand painted carousel glass baubles, £12 from Habitat

4. Set of three paper honeycomb baubles, £8.50 from The Forest & Co

Patchwork Harmony vintage chocolate mould decorations

Thursday, December 17th, 2009
Unique hanging decorations

Unique hanging decorations

For something different to hang on your Christmas tree this year, how about these vintage chocolate mould decorations?

You wouldn’t know it to first look at them, but they’ve been upcycled from redundant chocolate moulds and made into unusual hanging decorations. The decorative shapes of the moulds suit the purpose well and it’s a very clever idea.

A mixed bag of five of these unusual decorations is available from Patchwork Harmony for £6.95.

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