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Easter tree from The Contemporary Home

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012
Decorating your home for Easter

Easter tree

Decorative trees aren’t just for Christmas, they’re great at Easter too!

Add a springtime feel to your home with an Easter tree - decorate it with a few selected Easter decorations or homemade specialities. This one is £24.99 from The Contemporary Home.

Alternatively, fill a vase with a bunch of decorative twigs (with or without added lights) and make your own Easter tree decorations.

Brussels sprout Christmas wreath

Friday, November 26th, 2010
Modern contemporary sprout Christmas home wreath

Sprouts, anyone?

Love ‘em, or hate ‘em, brussels sprouts have become one of the traditional green vegetables served up for Christmas dinner. For a modern take on the classic Christmas door wreath, how about hanging this unusual heart shaped sprout wreath in your home?

It’s certainly different and ticks all the boxes for qurirkiness. Thankfully, it’s not made of real brussels sprouts (although they look very realistic), so you won’t get the distinctive aroma of sprouts wafting over from it and you’ll be able to re-use it year after year.

Stocks of the brussels sprout wreath are running low, so get yours now from The Contemporary Home for £25.

8 of the best red Christmas tree decorations

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

We’ve already looked at the top 10 silver and white Christmas tree decorations, so now it’s time to turn our attentions to the colour red.

Red is a very traditional Christmas colour, but there are plenty of modern and contemporary red Christmas tree deocrations out there for those who prefer to add a modern twist to their seasonal home decorating.

If you’re decorating your home with a red colour scheme this year, or simply want to add one or two additional red decorations to mix with other colours in your Christmas decoration collection, then here are 8 of the best red Christmas tree decorations.

1.Bombki Little Cooper Christmas tree decoration

Bombki designer Christmas decorations

Little Cooper tree decoration

We featured the Little London Christmas baubles by Bombki last year and they’re quirky and unusual. The Little Cooper bauble is handmade from blown glass and decorated with a Union Jack on its roof, to give it a patriotic feel.

The Bombki Little Cooper Christmas bauble comes in a wooden presentation box and costs £15 from Heal’s.

2. Red and white polka dot bauble

Heal's christmas tree decorations

Poka dot bauble

This shiny red Christmas tree bauble is decorated with glittery white polka dots, in Nordic style.

The polka dot bauble is £5 from Heal’s.

3. Red flock stripe bauble

Contemporary home christmas decorations

Flocked bauble

The flock stripe design of this red bauble works really well, especially as the gold stripes and partially flocked design help break the design up, so it’s not all the same intense red colour.

The stripe flock bauble is available in a choice of two sizes – 6cm diameter and 8cm – and costs £2 and £3 each from John Lewis.

4. Red glass hanging bird Christmas tree decoration

Bird trend home decorating


For those that love birds (and we know only too well how popular the bird trend has been in home decorating), this red glass bird is ready to hang on your Christmas tree.

Part of the Rouge range at M&S, the bird has a mirror finish; it’s also part of their 3 for 2 offer, so you could save money when you buy Christmas decorations.

The glass bird tree decoration costs £5 from Marks and Spencer.

5. John Lewis pack of 50 red tree decorations

John Lewis christmas tree decorations

Bumper pack of decorations

If you want to change your usual Christmas tree decorations, introduce a new decorating colour scheme this year or add to an existing collection, then this bumper pack of 50 red Christmas tree decorations is a good buy.

All the pieces coordinate and you get a good mix of shiny and matt red, star shaped decorations, round baubles and long red drops.

The set of 50 red tree decorations is £10 from John Lewis.

6. Gisela Graham glitter shoe hanging decoration

Contemporary Wizard of Oz red glitter shoes decorations

Red shoes

Reminscent of Dorothy’s red shoes in the Wizard of Oz, this glittery red shoe decoration is by Gisela Graham.

Available in a choice of red or white, the glitter shoe hanging decoration is £2.50 from Heal’s.

7. Set of three red hand carved soapstone decorations

Soapstone christmas tree decorations

Soapstone decorations

These three red decorations, that come in a mixed set of a heart, star and Christmas tree design, or three of the same design, are admittedly not cheap. But they are rather nice and a bit unusual to hang on your tree.

Made from soapstone and painted with a block red colour, the decorations are finished off with hand carved snowflake motifs.

The set of three soap stone decorations cost £23 and are available from Fab and Funky.

8. Iconic chair Christmas tree decorations

Modern chair design decorations

Chair decorations, anyone?

For lovers of modern furniture and iconic chair designs, then you can now hang a mini version of your favourite designer chair on your Christmas tree. Available in a choice of two designs – the office chair on the left (complete with cushion) is reminscent of the famous egg chair and the chair on the right resembles the ball chair.

The iconic chair tree decorations are £7.99 each from The Contemporary Home.

Top 10 silver and white Christmas tree decorations

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

It may seem early to think about how you’ll be decorating your Christmas tree this year, but with products in the shops already, some of the good buys are beginning to sell out.

For those of you planning to decorate your tree in silver and white, or if you’re looking for a few decorations in these colour to add to your existing Christmas decoration collection, then here are 10 of the best new silver and white Christmas tree decorations available!

We’ve found special baubles, bargain sets of baubles,  decorations with a handmade look and contemporary pieces to add a modern feel to your seasonal decorations.

There’s something for everyone, so read on and see what takes your fancy!

1. Matt white pyramid bauble

Pyramid design modern christmas tree bauble from Heal's

This modern matt white pyramid bauble reminds me of the style of some of the contemporary pendant lights.

It’s a really effective piece and would look fantastic hung on a Christmas tree.

The white pyramid bauble is £10 from Heal’s.

2. Deer Christmas ball bauble

Contemporary cream deer bauble

Add a contemporary touch to your Christmas tree, with this deer design bauble.

The cream coloured earthenware Christmas tree ball bauble is decorated with a black silhouette of a deer on one side, with a small silhouette on the other side.

This unusual bauble is £11 from AIGA.

3. Starburst round bauble

Unusual designer Christmas tree bauble

This unusual round bauble is called Starburst for a good reason!

The silvery white special bauble would make a great addition to your tree and costs £5 from John Lewis.

4. Origami polar bear Christmas tree decoration

Unusual carved polar bear

This cute little polar bear isn’t made from paper, as the origami part of its name suggests. In fact, it’s carved to produce the origami look, which is very effective.

The white bear has a small hanger on the top of its back with ribbon strung through for hanging. It would be special piece to bring out for Christmas and treasure year after year.

The carved origami bear costs £12 from the V&A Shop.

5. Beaded snowflake hanging decoration

Contemporary christmas decoration

Even if we aren’t blessed with a white Christmas, this pretty beaded snowflake decoration can add a wintery touch to your Christmas tree.

The beaded snowflake hanging decoration is £5 from Graham and Green.

6.Round crackle glass bauble

Christmas tree decorations from Lombok

You can’t beat a good glass bauble and if it’s got a crackle effect, then it’s even better.

These clear glass round crackle baubles are available in a choice of two sizes. The small bauble is £2 and the large £3.50 and they’re sold by Lombok.

7. Felt feather tree decoration

Felt feather Christmas decoration

I’ll be honest, I thought this was a leaf when I first saw it, but leaf or feather, it’s a dainty piece to add to your Christmas tree.

Made from silvery white felt, the decoration has a lovely stitched effect running through it and, if you love the handmade look, this would be perfect.

The felt feather decoration is £4 from the V&A Shop.

8. Sparkly star tree decoration

Silver star Christmas decoration

Every Christmas tree needs a star and this one has just the right amount of sparkle.

The five pointed three dimensional star is sprinkled with glitter to make it sparkle under your Christmas tree lights.

The star decoration is £3.99 from The Contemporary Home.

9. Frosted silver hanging hearts

Vintage style Christmas tree decorations

This pair of frosted silver hanging heart decorations are made from glass and hang from a contrasting velvet ribbon.

They’re a bit vintagey in style, but would look lovely used alongside contemporary decorations for an eclectic mix.

The pair of frosted silver hanging hearts cost £10 from Cox and Cox.

10. John Lewis mini glass baubles

Bargain box of silver Christmas decorations

In addition to all the gorgeous, one-off special baubles, every tree needs a good set of baubles to use to fill in the gaps year after year.

This super set of 27 mini glass silver baubles from John Lewis is a great starter kit and perfect for smaller Christmas trees. The baubles come in three different finishes – glittery silver, matt silver and shiny silver.

Best of all, they’re a great buy at only £4 per box.

Update December 2012: Check out our new post featuring more gorgeous silver and white Christmas tree decorations.

5 fabulous Halloween home decoration ideas

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

It’s only a few weeks now until Halloween. If you’re hosting a Halloween party, or planning on decorating your home in honour of Halloween, then here are five fabulous ideas for seasonally themed home decorations that could help transform your home.

1. Halloween themed wall stickers

Hauntingly good Halloween home decor wall stickers

Halloween wall stickers

Our love of wall stickers has been well documented on FreshDesignBlog, but have you thought of wall stickers as part of your Halloween decor?

This Halloween wall sticker set from DecoSticks is packed with nine spooky wall stickers that you can use inside your home. The set includes a black cat, spiders, cobweb, pumpkin, bats and black witch wall sticker and costs £19.99.

2. Halloween pumpkin lantern

Ready made Halloween pumpkin lantern light

Metal pumpkin lantern

Save the hassle of trying to carve a pumpkin yourself and buy this metal pumpkin lantern from The Contemporary Home. Perfect for re-using year after year, the lantern is suitable for use with a tea light candle and can be placed in your window on Halloween or used as a table centrepiece at a Halloween party.

The Halloween pumpkin lantern is £16.99.

3. Halloween phantom lights

String Halloween phantom lights around your home

Phantom lights

It’s a bit hard to see these well in the picture, but this string of lights is made up of small phantom figures – perfect for creating a spooky feel in your home for Halloween!

You could hang them in a window, around a door or drape them around any other seasonal decorations you’ve got planned for a Halloween party room.

One string of phantom lights, measuring 13m in total, is £9.50 from M&S.

4. Halloween midnight lace gothic tablecloth

Stylish and tasteful Halloween tablecloth

Midnight lace tablecloth

If you were in any doubt, this stylish lace tablecloth proves that Halloween themed home decorations can be tasteful!

The midnight lace black tablecloth is suitably gothic in style, with cobwebs and pumpkins on it. In order to show off the designs to full  effect, it’s designed to be used over the top of another plainer cloth.

To decorate your table with this cloth, head over to Amazon, where it’s only £9.80.

5. Halloween black fabric for your own home decorating creations

Create your own gothic feel Halloween home interior decor

Black muslin fabric

If you’re keen to get creative and craft your own decorations for you home, then this black muslin fabric is just the job. It would be perfect for creating a Gothic or witchy feel in your home and you can be as creative as you like with it.

Drape the fabric over your curtains to darken the room, hang it over furniture or doors, use it as a floor covering (it will also save your carpet from unwanted spills) or use some of it to make Halloween cushions. Any fabric leftover can be turned into Halloween costumes or saved for another year.

A large piece of black muslin measuring 91cm by 2500cm costs £46.05 from Partybox.

Autumn product preview: Clapperboard photo frame

Friday, July 30th, 2010
For films buffs, perhaps?

For film buffs, perhaps?


There are some lovely new products for the autumn waiting in the wings in many stores and we couldn’t resist bringing you a preview.

This quirky photo frame is based on the idea of a clapperboard, as used in making films. It will be available from The Contemporary Home and is very well priced at only £6.99.

It’s not yet in stock on their website, but is due in the autumn, so keep an eye out for it.

Contemporary white leaf pendant lampshade

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010
Delicate leaf light

Delicate leaf light

What better way to bring elements of nature into your home, than through this leafy pendant lampshade.

The contemporary delicate white pendant is adorned with a cascade of leaves that will hang down from your ceiling and create an eye-catching display. It looks lovely when the light is off, but glows beautifully when it’s turned on.

The white leafy pendant lampshade is reasonably priced, at £23.99, and it’s available from The Contemporary Home.

Update April 2012: The white leafy pendant lampshade is no longer available from The Contemporary Home, but it is in stock at Sass and Belle for £18.95.

Green butterfly carved glass

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009
Butterfly glass

Butterfly glass

This cheery green cut glass tumbler has been livened up with the addition of a carved butterfly design.

We’re sure children would love this glass design, but so too would the young at heart.

To get your butterfly glass, head over to The Contemporary Home, where they’re available for £12.75.

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