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Meat cuts tea towel from Lily and Lime

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011
Meatcuts British designer tea towel

Learn about meat cuts

My knowledge of meat cuts is pretty rubbish, but with this educational tea towel, they should improve.

Covering lamb, pork and beef, the illustrations on the tea towel provide informative diagrams of which meat cuts come from where.

Designed by a British designer and made from natural, unbleached cotton, the meat cuts tea towel costs £8.50 and can be purchased from Lily and Lime.

Emmeline Simpson Bath Royal Crescent tea towel

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011
Emmeline Simpson Bath cityscapes

Bath cityscape tea towel

A lot of the designers featuring cities and architectural landscapes in their work tend to focus on London, so it’s great to come across some city-inspired work that focuses on somewhere else – in this case, Bath.

Bristol-based Emmeline Simpson produces a range of products featuring designs inspired by cityscapes. This tea towel, for example, features a line drawing of the iconic view of the Royal Crescent in Bath – and having been there recently, it does so extremely well (although you probably wouldn’t see six hot air balloons passing by every day).

Made from 100% cotton and screen printed, the tea towel costs £8.95 from Emmeline’s shop on Not On The High Street.

As well as Bath cityscapes, you’ll also find homeware items in her store, such as mugs, coasters and prints, with images of Bristol and Oxford.

Bird box tea towel from Soulful Toaster

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011
Bird trend kitchen dishes tea towel from Soulful Toaster

Birdy tea towel

There’s a seemingly neverending trend for birdy themes in interior design and homeware products, but as we’re still discovering more quirky products and unusual designs, it doesn’t seem done to death quite yet.

It’s a while since we last featured the shop Soulful Toaster, but here’s a cool blackbird tea towel that they’re currently selling.

The bird box teatowel features a graphic image of three blackbirds standing on a mass of three dimensional boxes and is different from some of the other bird trend pieces we’ve featured before.

The design has been screen printed onto the cotton teatowel, and they’re all printed in East London.

The bird box teatowel costs £9.50 from Soulful Toaster.

Now Panic and Freak Out tea towel

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009
Now panic and freak out tea towel

Now panic and freak out tea towel

As much as we like the odd phrase used around the home, the use of quotes and wording in home accessories is being rather done to death at the moment.

So we were pleased to find this alternative tea towel, which is a nice antidote to some of the sweet and sickly quotes that are in abundance.

The Now Panic and Freak Out tea towel uses the phrase coined by Olly Moss in response to the phrase Keep Calm and Carry On.

The tea towel is available to pre-order (delivery will be in time for Christmas) from Illustrated Living for £7.95.

Pearl and Earl camper van trend

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

camper-van-mug-set camper-van-teatowel camper-van-gift-set

Iconic VW camper van images seem to be springing up into home accessories left, right and centre. One company who’ve really conquered the market for trendy camper van designs are British designers Pearl and Earl.

They’ve successfully brought the camper van image into everything from tea towels and mugs, to canvas art, laundry bags, aprons and oven gloves.

The set of six porcelain mugs is £40, the camper Lys teatowel is £6 and the camper van bumper gift set, which includes a teatowel, mug, badge and card (in a choice of 6 colours) is £15.

For these products, and many more camper van filled delights, check out the Pearl and Earl website.

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