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Great British place names tea towel

Thursday, August 9th, 2012
Quirky British kitchen accessories

Best of British tea towel

Here’s a tea towel that you’ll want to look at and read as much as use!

The screen printed tea towel has an outline image of the British isles on it and is packed full of Great British place names.

It celebrates the best of the quirky and unusual place names and they’re geographically arranged in the appropriate place on the map.

Naturally, the great place names tea towel is made in Britain and is available to buy from Lauren Moriarty & Co.

HAM bouncing rabbit and scooting pig tea towels

Thursday, April 5th, 2012
British design animal tea towels

Animal tea towels

Add a bit of fun into doing the dishes, with these animal inspired tea towels!

Choose from a springtime bouncing rabbit or a scooting pig – both of these fun designs are created by HAM. The 100% cotton tea towels are handmade in Britain and the designs are screenprinted on in a bold black on white.

The animal tea towels are both made by HAM and cost £9 each.

Mr and Mrs Pigeon mugs by Lovely Pigeon

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012
Quirky and Valentine's day gift ideas

Pigeon mugs

These quirky pigeon mugs are designed by Kirsty Thomas, who runs the Lovely Pigeon studio.

The earthenware mugs feature Mr or Mrs Pigeon (she’s the one with the fluttering eyelashes), each peeking curiously around the side of the mug.

The pigeon mugs are available to buy individually for £8 each, or you could treat yourself to a pair for £15.

If you like the design, then a Mr Pigeon tea towel is also available for £8 from Lovely Pigeon.

Charlotte Farmer Shake It snow globe tea towel

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012
Winter snow globe home designs

Snow globes galore

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s a certain charm to the humble snow globe and it’s something designer, Charlotte Farmer, has captured in her Skake It tea towel.

Paying homage to the world of snow globes, the decorative tea towel features an array of winter wonderland globes, from the banal to the somewhat wacky Elvis globe.

The Shake It snow globe tea towel is available to purchase from New House Textiles and costs £10.92.

They have various other tea towels from Charlotte’s collection available and, if you buy three, you get a free gift box.

Red and white wine pairing guide tea towel set

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011
Stuart Gardiner wine tea towels

Be your own sommelier

Unsure which wine would be the perfect accompaniment to the meal you’ve cooked? Then get equipped with these two tea towels, and you’ll have all the answers!

Thanks to UK designer Stuart Gardiner, you can become your very own sommelier and pick the perfect wines every time. The two organic cotton tea towels focus on the best red wines and white wines for 56 different foods.

There are 68 different wines covered, giving a total of 3808 different combinations, so they’re going to keep you inspired for quite a while!

If that’s not enough, you can of course use them to dry your  dishes too.

The set of two red and white wine pairing guide tea towels costs £18 from Howkapow.

You can also buy the tea towels individually for £9.95 each.

Typographic tongue twisters tea towel

Friday, October 21st, 2011
Fun and quirky tea towel design

Tongue twisting tea towel

Love tongue twisters? Here’s a tea towel full of the them!

The typographic tea towel of tongue twisters (quite a mouthful in itself) is crammed full of tongue twisting phrases to help pass the time whilst you dry the dishes.

Alternatively, forget the drying up and hang this on the wall instead – the typographic print design is super trendy and tea towels make a great form of affordable wall art.

The tongue twister tea towel is available from Colloco Homeware and Gifts, for £10.95.

Meat cuts tea towel from Lily and Lime

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011
Meatcuts British designer tea towel

Learn about meat cuts

My knowledge of meat cuts is pretty rubbish, but with this educational tea towel, they should improve.

Covering lamb, pork and beef, the illustrations on the tea towel provide informative diagrams of which meat cuts come from where.

Designed by a British designer and made from natural, unbleached cotton, the meat cuts tea towel costs £8.50 and can be purchased from Lily and Lime.

Emmeline Simpson Bath Royal Crescent tea towel

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011
Emmeline Simpson Bath cityscapes

Bath cityscape tea towel

A lot of the designers featuring cities and architectural landscapes in their work tend to focus on London, so it’s great to come across some city-inspired work that focuses on somewhere else – in this case, Bath.

Bristol-based Emmeline Simpson produces a range of products featuring designs inspired by cityscapes. This tea towel, for example, features a line drawing of the iconic view of the Royal Crescent in Bath – and having been there recently, it does so extremely well (although you probably wouldn’t see six hot air balloons passing by every day).

Made from 100% cotton and screen printed, the tea towel costs £8.95 from Emmeline’s shop on Not On The High Street.

As well as Bath cityscapes, you’ll also find homeware items in her store, such as mugs, coasters and prints, with images of Bristol and Oxford.

Mr PS Favourite Flavours ice cream tea towel

Monday, July 4th, 2011
Delicious ice cream flavours

What's your favourite ice cream flavour?

It’s most definitely the weather for ice cream and, having tasted some delicous ice cream over the weekend, this Favourite Flavours tea towel seems highly appropriate.

Designed and created by the wonderful Mr.PS, Manchester-based Megan Price, the tea towel is made from 100% cotton and is  screen printed by hand.

Like the Full English Breakfast tea towel that we featured previously, it comes with a useful coloured ribbon loop for hanging.

The tea towel is available printed in raspberry or sunshine and you can swoon over your favourite ice cream flavours as you do the dishes!

It’s £10 from the Mr.PS store on Not On The High Street.

Bird box tea towel from Soulful Toaster

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011
Bird trend kitchen dishes tea towel from Soulful Toaster

Birdy tea towel

There’s a seemingly neverending trend for birdy themes in interior design and homeware products, but as we’re still discovering more quirky products and unusual designs, it doesn’t seem done to death quite yet.

It’s a while since we last featured the shop Soulful Toaster, but here’s a cool blackbird tea towel that they’re currently selling.

The bird box teatowel features a graphic image of three blackbirds standing on a mass of three dimensional boxes and is different from some of the other bird trend pieces we’ve featured before.

The design has been screen printed onto the cotton teatowel, and they’re all printed in East London.

The bird box teatowel costs £9.50 from Soulful Toaster.

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