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Skeleton wall stickers for Halloween

Monday, October 24th, 2011
Halloween wall decoration ideas

Skeleton wall sticker

If you’re decorating your home for Halloween, then how about adding a skeleton to the wall?

The Science Museum human skeleton wall sticker comes complete with all the bones (18) you need to make up a skeleton. You can put them together to form one whole piece, or add bits and pieces of bones to different areas of the wall – perfect if a headless skeleton appeals!

The wall sticker comes with full instructions for putting it together and applying it to the wall. It can easily be removed and stored in readiness for use at Halloween next year…unless, perhaps, you’d like a skeleton wall decoration all year round?

The skeleton wall sticker costs £24.99 and can be purchased from The Binary Box.

Chalkboard calendar wall sticker from Rose & Grey

Thursday, October 20th, 2011
Funky chalkboard wall sticker ideas

Get organised!

Here’s a great way of getting organised in the run up to Christmas – stick this large chalkboard calendar sticker on a wall, write notes on it or stick on post-it notes with reminders.

The wall sticker is large enough to catch your attention when you’re in the room, so could minimise the risk of forgetting what you’ve got to do or where you should be.

The sticker measures 100cm by 98cm, is made from vinyl and is easy to apply to a wall, and remove again when you’re fed up with it. It comes supplied with some post-it notes to get you started.

The calendar wall sticker is available to purchase from Rose & Grey, where it’s priced at £69.95.

Big Ben wall clock wall sticker: Take two

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Transform your wall with wall stickersWall sticker that is a real working clock

Remember the  functioning Big Ben wall clock sticker that we featured previously? If you liked the idea, but don’t quite have the wall space to accommodate it, then here’s another take on the design that may appeal, as it’s smaller and more compact.

This version of the Big Ben wall clock wall sticker focuses on just the clock face, rather than the whole tower too. The sticker comes with a clock mechanism that can be attached to the wall first, so that you end up with a fully functioning wall clock.

The sticker forms the clock face – it comes in two halves – and you simply surround the clock with the relevant parts, making sure the numbers are the right way around to be able to tell the time!

As an added addition, there’ s a little cow sticker with a complementary design that comes with the set too, which can be used alongside the clock or elsewhere.

The Big Ben wall clock wall sticker set is available to purchase from John Lewis and costs £25.

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Spin Collective wall clock and alarm clock wall stickers

Kitsch vinyl wall sticker clock

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010
Red kitsch vinyl wall sticker cuckoo clock

The wall sticker that's also a clock...

Wall stickers are not only great forms of wall decoration, but they can be functional forms of art too.

In a similar vein to the Big Ben wall sticker clock, here we have a rather kitsch red vinyl wall sticker decal that also doubles up as a functional, working clock.

The wall sticker can be easily applied to an appropriate area of your wall and comes with the clock face that can be positioned on top. The clock sticker is designed in a style reminiscent of traditional cuckoo clocks, but without the annoying bird.

To get your hands on a kitsch vinyl wall sticker clock, head over to the I Love Retro store on Bouf, where they’re priced at £27.95.

Big Ben clock wall sticker

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Fancy Big Ben on your wall?

We’ve featured lots of wall stickers before, but this one goes one step further.

Designed in the famous shape of Big Ben, this giant wall sticker provides more than just a decorative form of wall art – it’s a working clock, too.

The elaborate sticker comes with a working clock face with quartz movement, with black metal hands, and operates on one AA battery.

If you’ve not got room for a full-size grandfather clock, but have got a suitable area of wall free (you’ll need 295mm x 2000mm), then this could be the perfect solution.

You can buy your very own Big Ben at Funky Little Darlings, for £120.

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