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Funky slide staircases: fun and creative stair designs

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Amazing slide staircase Home slide design staircase

Ever wished you didn’t have to walk downstairs? Well, with one of these creatively designed staircases, you don’t have to walk – you just slide!

What a fantastic idea they are and very cleverly designed, so that both of the slides are in keeping with the design of the stairs. As well as sliding down them, you could also send down your washing via the slide or anything else you have no desire to lug down the stairs.

I love the wooden spiral slide staircase (although, being practical, I wouldn’t want it positioned next to a glass window, just in case of accidents), but the straight slide works very well next to a standard, straight staircase too.

In fact, the second slide staircase was designed by London architect, Alex Michaelis, on the request of his children and is one of the funky additions in the eco-friendly home he built. As well as enjoying sliding down the slide, his kids also have an indoor pool and rock climbing wall, which sounds amazing!

(Via Freshome, Gizmodoand A Design Mafia)

Modern two-way rotating door

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

ergonCreating the perfect indoor environment is really hard, especially when you’re dealing with awkward spaces. If you’re struggling with a small space where there’s not enough room for a standard type of door, then how about trying this?

Look at the picture – the door slowly rotates in, so the required space is half that of a normal door. It’s an Ergon rototranslating door and it makes a huge difference in rooms where you’ve got limited space.


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