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Fresh Design Furniture: Animal design storage cabinets

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Cow design storage cabinet sideboard

What a brilliant way of livening up your home storage and furniture needs!

These wooden animals are designed to look a bit like storage crates, but open them up and inside you’ll find quirky shelves and cupboard space.

Funky cow furniture

The cow provides the best amount of space inside and is great for use as a sideboard.

Funky contemporary home furniture

The pig and goose are full of character too and, as well as storage, you could use the top of their backs as a side table, or a place to rest a lamp or plant.

We love all three of these designs, but the cow has to be our favourite. The wooden animal design storage cabinets are available from Out There Interiors.

Champagne cork side table

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012
Champagne cork handmade table

Giant cork table

Partial to a glass of champagne?

Here’s a different way of having more champagne in your life, in the form of a champagne cork side table!

The table is handmade from top quality natural Portuguese cork. It’s shaped like a cork you’d pop out of a bottle of a bubbly, only in a rather more giant size.

The top of the table is flat, so you can safely use it as a functional table for drinks, plates or even to stand a lamp on.

The champagne cork side table costs £110 (usually £120) from Impulse Purchase.

If you like the giant cork idea, then they also do a matching champagne cork stool or a Bordeaux wine cork stool.

Glycine stylish oak side table

Thursday, March 15th, 2012
Contemporary side table bedside table ideas

Designer side table

We’ve been on the lookout for a stylish and practical side or occasional table recently, but some of the options available are frankly rather underwhelming. Then we found the glycine side table, which is most definitely not underwhelming and ideally suited to a contemporary home.

Designed and made in France by Drugeot Labo, the angular design of the glycine side table gives it a distinctive and contemporary look.

The table is made from oak and the space under the top provides a useful area where magazines or books can be stored (just slot them in). There’s also a small drawer included and room on top to display favourite home accessories, stand a lamp or keep free for occasional needs.

As well as being functional for use in a living room or hallway, the table would also make a great bedside table.

The glycine oak side table is new in at Heal’s and costs £495.

Stunning Kartell T side table

Thursday, March 1st, 2012
Contemporary designer nest of tables side table

Decorative occasional table

The Kartell designs are always striking, but one of the pieces we’re particularly fond of is the T table.

The T side table is designed by Patricia Urquiola for Kartell and features a wonderfully decorative top that almost looks like it’s been embroidered.

The table is available in three heights, which work well used together, plus a variety of colour choices.

The Found Home Store have all three sizes available and the T-Table is priced from £149.

Heal’s Discovers Geometry furniture by Burgundy Applegate

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012
Exclusive walnut geometric furniture

Geometry inspired furniture

You may not have loved geometry at school, but how about in your home?

This new range of furniture by Burgundy Applegate, exclusive to Heal’s, features bold geometry inspired designs in a modern Danish style. The colourful designs come together to create eye-catching pieces of furniture that really make a statement.

The geometry design is available as a sideboard, made from solid walnut with a lacquered top, a coffee table or a triangular shaped walnut side table.

In addition to the lime green, there’s also a grey option available too. You can find out more about the geometry range at Heal’s.

Pink flamingo table

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010
Fabulous pink flamingo tale from Bouf

Pink flamingo table

If you enjoy a sense of fun in your home furnishings, then how about this unusual pink flamingo table?

It’s been cleverly designed in the shape of a flamingo, with the two table legs angled in the same spindlely way as a flamingo. In order to balance the table and make it functional for using, the third table leg is designed to be like the head and long neck of a flamingo. It’s a really fun piece and, although rather quirky, has a certain degree of elegance about it.

As someone who’s been fascinated by seeing pink flamingos in the wild, the table very effectively captures the shape and activity of flamingos, especially the idea of the head dipping down into the water to hunt for food.

The pink flamingo table is available to purchase from Blue Sky via Bouf, a company run by a design graduate and ex-boat builder who now specialises in making furniture and cabinets.

If you can’t get enough of flamingos, then check out this post regarding pink flamingo wallpaper from Cosy Home Blog.

Andrew Martin alphabet table

Friday, May 14th, 2010

andrew-martin-f-alphabet-table andrew-martin-d-alphabet-table1 andrew-martin-b-alphabet-table

These alphabet tables are brilliant!

Designed by Andrew Martin, made from metal with a chrome finish, each of the tables is in the shape of a letter of the alphabet. The full range of letters is available so, if you wish (and if you can afford it), you could spell out names or messages with them.

Sadly they are a tad pricey, so we’ll only be buying the F, D and B tables (representing Fresh Design Blog, of course) if we win EuroMillions tonight. 

Go and have a look at the range of alphabet tables over at Occa Home.

Buenavista contemporary glass side table

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009
Buenavista red side table

Buenavista red side table

Side tables are jolly handy to have for those occasions when you need a bit of extra table space, for example to serve drinks on or to have a place to pop your favourite decorative home accessories.

If you’re looking for a contemporary side table, then Amode have a great selection on offer.

We particularly like the Buenavista glass side table, which features a glossy glass top perched on a polished chrome frame.

The side table is available in red, black or white, but we’re particularly fond of the red version, as it makes quite a statement.

The Buenavista contemporary side table costs £200 at Amode.

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