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Hexagonal beehive tray from John Lewis

Thursday, May 10th, 2012
Hex hexagonal trend in interior design

Hexagonal tray

We’re loving hexagonal designs at the moment and they seem to be everywhere in interior design and homeware products – have you spotted the hexagonal honeycomb decals on the walls in this year’s Apprentice house?

So when we found this hexagonal beehive tray at John Lewis, we couldn’t resist it!

The serving dish style tray is made up of seven mini hexagonal compartments. They each lift out, so that you can arrange the segment colours as you wish or use them independently if you don’t need to use the whole tray. It’s perfect for serving dips and nibbles with and is an attractive and eye-catching design.

The hexagonal beehive tray is yours for £45.

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Quirky sugar lump holder

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011
Sugar bowl serving dish

Display sugar lumps in style!

Okay, so it’s not the most essential of dining accessories, but you’ve got to admit it’s kinda quirky!

For tea parties, dinner parties or other celebrations, this white china sugar lump holder is bound to get noticed when it’s placed on your table.

Designed to look like a sugar lump itself, the china serving dish holds nine square sugar cubes. It even comes supplied with a set of Tate and Lyle’s famous sugar cubes, so you can it straight into action.

The sugar lump holder costs £18 from Bodie and Fou.

Cog bowl by Haidée Drew

Thursday, October 28th, 2010
Cog bowl by award-winning designer Haidée Drew

Mechanical themed bowl

This very unusual bowl was created by award-winning London-based designer, Haidée Drew.

It’s a fantastic representation of a cog and, if you had two or more of the bowls, I bet you couldn’t help but organise them on a table so that their sides fit together.

The cog bowls would be perfect to use as serving bowls for nibbles at a party, or simply as a centre piece in the middle of a table.

Made from white earthenware, and measuring 21cm in diamater, the cog bowls cost £29.50 each from Bouf.

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