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Seagrass storage baskets set from Lombok

Thursday, March 24th, 2011
Lidded seagrass home storage box

Clutter hiding facilities

I’m in the middle of a big Spring clean and major house tidying session at the moment and, in trying to find ideas for clearing clutter out of sight, stumbled upon this set of seagrass baskets.

Compared to some of the seagrass baskets available which don’t have lids, I love the fact that these do, so you don’t permanently have to see everything inside. As they’re made from seagrass they should be sturdy and long-lasting and the circular design is a nice alternative to square storage boxes.

Even better is the fact that you get two of these storage baskets in a set – one large and one small – and together they’re priced at £30 from Lombok, which seems very reasonable.

Raya striped seagrass storage basket

Monday, March 15th, 2010


Storage baskets are one of those ever useful home accessories that you can never have enough of. They’re even better when they’ve got lids, like these two seagrass storage boxes from Zara Home, as you can fill them with clutter, then pop the lid on and hide it all from view.

These two storage boxes are given a bright, fresh look with the use of coloured stripes. Choose from the vibrant turquoise green, or the pastel pink.

The Raya baskets measures 23cm by 23cm and are only £9.90 each from Zara Home.

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