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B&B italia soft wall room divider from Mac and Mac Interiors

Monday, May 2nd, 2011
Soft felt wall storage room divider

Wall divider with storage

Room dividers are a great way of making a large space more functional and dividing space up into different uses. Whilst many room dividers and screens do have a decorative element included in their design, this modern B&B Italia room divider adds another dimension – storage.

Designed by Carsten Gerhards and Andreas Glucker in 2002, for B&B Italia, the soft wall room divider is made from felt, with a metal frame on the base.

The room divider has a sculptural feel to it and there are various different sizes of slots all over the piece, where photographs, pictures, postcards, magazines or other bits and pieces can be slotted in.

The B&B Italia soft wall room divider would look as much at home in a bedroom as it would in an office. It’s available in two sizes and can be purchased from Mac & Mac Interiors.

The Fold shelf: storage and sculpture combined

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Stylish and practical modern Fold shelf   3d wall art sculpture and shelf

If you love wall art sculptures, but also need some practical storage in your home, then meet the Fold shelf.

This clever design combines an impressive three dimensional wall sculpture with a useful shelf, that can be used for storing books, home accessories, CDs or DVDs.

The unusually shaped Fold shelf is made from a single sheet of powder coated metal that has been laser cut and hand folded along perforated cuts. The crisp edges of the shelf expose the perforations, which produces a trendy stitched detail effect.

One shelf used on its own on a wall is effective enough, but you could combine several shelves to form unusual sculptures and art on your wall. You can even choose which way up you position it, for maximum design and creativity.

The Fold shelf comes with everything you need to fix it safely and securely to your wall and is available to purchase from the Hidden Art shop.

Alex Davis contemporary metal bay tree sculpture

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010
Contemporary sculpture

Contemporary sculpture

I’ve always liked the idea of having a bay tree, but buying this instead would be one sure-fire way to ensure it never died.

This contemporary metal bay tree sculpture is made by New Delhi-based sculptor and designer, Alex Davis. The sculpture is created from high grade stainless steel, which has been polished to make it super shiny.

The bay tree measures 102cm in height and can be used inside your home, or outside in the garden. It’s a very striking piece and is available from John Lewis.

Iron Vein contemporary garden sculptures

Monday, October 26th, 2009
  Alium sculptures by Iron Vein     Grass plant sculptures    spiral-sculpture
Garden sculptures are a great way of adding extra interest into your garden. They’re great all year round, but carefully positioned sculptures can especially come into their own during the winter months, when other plants have died back for the winter, or lost their leaves.
These contemporary garden sculptures are designed by Viki Govan and Richard Warner of Iron Vein and offer an affordable way of adding art your garden. If you don’t have a garden, or prefer to use them inside, then they can easily be placed inside your home too.
The galvanised steel alium sculptures come in a set of three and look great in all weathers – dotted with raindrops, glistening with frost or catching the light of the sun.
In small, medium and large sizes, they look great grouped together, or you could dot them around your garden invididually. The set of three aliums is £95.
Iron Vein do lots of other gorgeous designs too, like the grass plant sculptures (pictured in the middle), which are available in either zinc coated or galvanised steel – the russet colour looks very autumnal – which are £49 each.
The spiral and ball sculptures, which measure about 70cm tall, are a bit more at £145 each.
For more contemporary sculptures in all sorts of designs, have a browse of the IronVein website.

Driftwood heart sculpture

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009
Karen Miller driftwood heart

Karen Miller driftwood heart

Driftwood sculptures are a personal favourite of mine and I love them when used as art in the garden. However, if you’re looking for a unique driftwood sculpture to have indoors in your home, then this lovingly created driftwood heart would surely fit the bill.

Designed and created by Karen Miller, from Devon Driftwood Designs, the driftwood hearts are individually created to order, resulting in no two being the same. There’s quite a selection of driftwood involved in making each piece, which is combed from shores far and wide, and it’s intertwined and woven together to produce a very creative and eye-catching endpiece.

The heart is available in five sizes – small, medium, large, XL and XXL – with the small being 28cm x 35cm and the XXL measuring in at 90cm x 110cm. The price for the small driftwood heart is £180 and the medium £230. At the other end of the scale, the XL heart is £1495 and the XXL is £1795.

Although it may be small, the smallest heart is still beautiful and you could make quite an impact statement in a room with that one.

If you’re interested in exploring them further, Karen Miller’s driftwood hearts can be purchased online at NotOnTheHighStreet.

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