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Timorous Beasties butterflies luxury fabric

Thursday, November 8th, 2012
Luxury designer butterfly linen fabric

Butterflies fabric

We’re rather entranced by the Timorous Beasties butterflies design fabric.

Having spent some time recently in a butterfly house, with the most exotic colours and designs of butterflies, the butterflies on this fabric look amazingly realistic.

The colours stand out wonderfully and, even though there’s an enormous amount of detail on the background, with stems and branches weaving around, the butterflies don’t detract from this at all.  We love the different butterfly sizes and colours, and the tiny ones that you almost miss.

Designer screen room divider made of fabric

Butterfly fabric screen

The fabric is lovely and looks brilliant used on this fabric covered screen.

Sadly it’s not cheap – it will set you back £120 per metre (ouch!), but for a very special project or treasured cushion, it would be ideal.

The butterflies printed linen fabric is available from Timorous Beasties.

Fresh Design Furniture: Casamania Opus Incertum bookcase

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012
Contemporary designer bookcase

Opus Incertum bookcase

We love a good bookshelf design and this one is certainly eye-catching!

Designed by Sean Yoo for Casamania, the Opus Incertum is made from recyclable expanded polypropylene. There are numerous honeycomb shaped segments which work as shelves, where you can store books, CDs, DVDs or other items.

Designer bookcase for a modern home

One piece on its own works well as a bookcase or display cabinet, but you can also use several pieces to create a larger display system for a home or office. Several bookcases joined together on the wall to form a larger display unit look really effective.

Contemporary room divider screen

In addition, it’s got the creativity and charm to double up as a room divider or screen, with the shelves used for their storage capacities or kept open to let light shine through.

The Opus Incertum bookcase is in stock at Made in Design and is available  in black, white or gold. How would you use it?

Bo Concept modern room divider

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011
Modern contemporary home amari room divider

Modern room divider

Room dividers do as their name suggests – they help divide space within a room.

In a large lounge-diner, for example, a room divider can be used to separate the space into two functional areas, so that your living and lounging area is distinctive to your dining zone.

Whilst you may think of room dividers as being big, bulky pieces of furniture, that shut off sections of a room and make the space darker in doing so, that’s certainly not always the case, as this modern room divider from Bo Concept demonstrates.

It serves the practical purposes of dividing space, but does so in a way that makes the divider a feature in its own right. There’s shelving space provided so that you can display your favourite home accessories or ornaments, but plenty of open space and light, so that the two areas of the room still blend into one, even though the separate areas are defined.

In fact, this divider can be customised to your own requirements – panels can be added to the bottom shelf, so that you’ve got space to hide clutter within it, as well as retaining some open shelves for other items.

The Amari room divider is made from black stained oak veneer and can be purchased from Bo Concept.

B&B italia soft wall room divider from Mac and Mac Interiors

Monday, May 2nd, 2011
Soft felt wall storage room divider

Wall divider with storage

Room dividers are a great way of making a large space more functional and dividing space up into different uses. Whilst many room dividers and screens do have a decorative element included in their design, this modern B&B Italia room divider adds another dimension – storage.

Designed by Carsten Gerhards and Andreas Glucker in 2002, for B&B Italia, the soft wall room divider is made from felt, with a metal frame on the base.

The room divider has a sculptural feel to it and there are various different sizes of slots all over the piece, where photographs, pictures, postcards, magazines or other bits and pieces can be slotted in.

The B&B Italia soft wall room divider would look as much at home in a bedroom as it would in an office. It’s available in two sizes and can be purchased from Mac & Mac Interiors.

Mandarin fretwork panel screen

Friday, June 5th, 2009
Mandarin fretwork screen

Mandarin fretwork screen

We love screens (and hiding untidy areas of a room) and were pleased to find this lovely Chinese fretwork panel screen.

Made in China of 100% solid elm wood and finished off with a black laquer, the four panel screen features Mandarin fretwork in the top of each panel, and solid wood in the bottom half. The screen is sold as a four panel screen, but there is the option to have additional panels added in if you’d like.

The Mandarin four panel screen, or room divider, is available from Orchid Furniture for £980.

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