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Creative recycled cassette tape lamps

Monday, March 26th, 2012

What to do with your old cassette tapesMake a lamp from old cassette tapes

Ever wondered how old, redundant cassette tapes could be recycled and put to use again? OOO My Design have put their thinking caps on and come up with these great designs for cassette tape lamps!

Contemporary home lighting ideas

A wonderful example of recycling, the box-shaped table lamp and pendant light are both made from old cassette tapes. There’s even a bit of storage space built into the lamp.

It’s a clever idea and even more so, as you can add your own tapes to the design if you wish or take some tapes out to play, to relieve those favourite tunes.

The cassette tapes lamp and pendant light are available in a choice of multicoloured or clear/transparent designs and costs £63 from OOO My Design on Bouf.

Fresh Design ideas: Cardboard storage wallpockets

Thursday, January 12th, 2012
Fresh design wall decor ideas from recycled cardboard

Amazing cardboard wall decor

It’s amazing what you can do with cardboard these days…

Part clever design, part wall art, and part functional storage, these amazing wall pockets are made out of 100% recycled cardboard.

We spotted them over on All Things Paper and couldn’t resist featuring them, as the design and idea is so clever.

They’re designed by Tim Karoleff and Shea Springer for Ampersand and were inspired by geometric shapes and the ‘curious textures created by clusters of barnacles.’

As well as providing your wall with an eye-catching, 3D form of wall decor, you can use the wallpockets to store small items – nifty, eh?

Six Fabulous Christmas Book Trees

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

Still undecided about what sort of Christmas tree to choose this year? If you’ve got a supply of books at home, then why not try creating your very own Christmas book tree!

It’s funky, unique and eco-friendly and you can design it to fit your room.

Here are six fabulous examples of Christmas book trees to inspire you!

1. Large Christmas Book Tree

Funky and unique christmas book trees

Christmas tree made from books

(Via Instagram)

Isn’t this fab? Who needs an actual tree, when you can create your own from books!

The whole of this huge Christmas tree is entirely made from books, then decorated with Christmas lights. It was created in a New York Anthropologie store (we also love the teapot lamp to the right!).

2. Mini Christmas Book Tree

Christmas xmas crafty handmade tree decorations

Mini book tree decoration

(Via Twig and Thistle)

Book trees needn’t be huge – why not try stacking your books to create a mini Christmas book tree like this one?

3. Funky Christmas Book Tree

Funky Christmas xmas book trees

Ingenious Christmas book tree

(Via Emmas DesignBlogg and IJM)

Or, if you’ve got shelf space free, get creative with your stacking skills and arrange your books to create a funky book tree like this!

4. Handmade Recycled Christmas Book Tree

Recycled Christmas book tree decoration

Handmade Christmas book tree

(Tree by Linda Koutsky, via RozWoundUp)

As well as clever stacking, Christmas book trees can be handmade out of old books too – these books were originally heading for the recycling bin, but isn’t the tree so much better?

5. Make Your Own Christmas Book Tree

Turn a hardback book into an Xmas tree

Make your own book Christmas tree

If you’re feeling inspired by these creations and have an old hardback book going spare that has seen better days, than why not get creative and turn it into this?

Over at Instructables, you’ll find a step-by-step guide to making your own unique book Christmas tree.

6. Create a Picture Book Christmas Tree

Finally, if you’ve got lots of children’s picture books to hand, then take a look at David Maybury’s video, as he shows you how to build a Christmas tree with picture books.

The video is also useful to see for general book tree construction techniques!

Cool Fire Dice tea light candle holder

Friday, December 2nd, 2011
Eco contemporary candle holder

Dice candle holder

We’re always keen to find great examples of products made from recycled materials, so were pleased to hear about this dice tea light candle holder.

It’s made from recycled aluminium metal – which originally came from aircraft. Each of the six sides of the dice can accommodate tea lights (although not all at once), so you can choose to light anything from one or two candles, right up to a full set of six.

The glossy aluminium of the candle holder looks sleek and stylish during the day, and is brought to life even more when the candles are lit.

The large dice tea light holder costs £125 from Ecool Designs. A smaller, cool baby dice (which holds one single tea light candle) is available for £19.95.

Upcycled bicycle wheel clock from Vyconic

Monday, May 16th, 2011
Vyconic design bicycle wheel wall clock

Bicycle wheel wall clock

The wheels of time have turned – and this old bicycle wheel has been upcycled to give it a new life, as a trendy clock!

The reconditioned and re-engineered bicycle wheel has been transformed into a wall clock by Andrew Fitzgerald, an artist and designer from Hertfordshire, who runs Vyconic.

The bicycle wheel clock is mounted directly onto the wall, through the centre of the wheel, which creates an impression that the clock is floating on the wall. The time-telling ability is achieved through the use of a Karlsson clock mechanism, positioned in the centre of the wheel. The spokes of the wheel naturally lend themselves to looking perfectly at home on the face of a clock.

Whether you’re a fan of cycling, or just like unusual clocks, you can order an upcycled bicycle wheel clock from Vyconic (they are made to order) for £99.

Check out other weird and wonderful clock ideas featured previously on Fresh Design Blog!

Silvana washing machine drum table

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011
Silvana wash drum table designed by Reestore

Funky washing machine table

It’s no surprise that we’re big fans of recycling and designers who are creating new pieces of innovative furniture and home accessories through the use of recycled materials.

Previously we’ve featured items such as the fabulous chair made from recycled cutlery, an Italian seat made from old car tyres and tarpaulin material, Christmas decorations made from recycled circuit boards, a stunning chandelier made from milk bottles and a chalk-like memo board made from recycled coffee cups.

Now here’s another clever product that’s been made from recycled materials – it’s a washing machine table!

The funky table is made from a reclaimed washing machine drum (isn’t it the most perfect shape and size?) and has been designed by award-winning UK designers, Reestore. With its unique design, and stainless steel metal finish, the table is perfect for a contemporary home.

A piece of frosted glass has been added to the top of it, making it fully functional as a coffee table or side table and, as an extra special twist,  a low energy light has been popped inside the drum, which provides a lovely glow of light through the tiny holes of the drum. It’s a great design and a very effective use of recycled materials.

The Silvana reclaimed washing machine table is made to order, but can be purchased from Ecocentric for £275.74.

Recycled tyre garden planters

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Green eco recycled tyre plant pot from EcoutletEco green recycle tyre plant planter

Spring is in the air and we’ve got gardening on our mind!  If you’re planning on brightening up your garden with new plants, and are looking for some pots to use on patios, then here’s a novel way of combining planting with eco-friendly products.

These funky planters – which you can use outdoors or inside your home – are made from recycled rubber tyres. They’re long-lasting, durable, frost-proof and maintenance free, plus each planter is unique, with different tyre tread markings and dashes of colour.

When they’re not being used out in the garden, you can bring the pots indoors and use them as magazine racks or fire log baskets.

The recycled tyre garden planters are available in three sizes – small (£15), medium (£20) and large (£22) and can be purchased from Ecoutlet.

Leitmotiv vino wine glass chandelier

Monday, March 7th, 2011
Leitmotiv creative contemporary lighting products

Innovative wine glass chandelier

We’ve previously featured the ingenious milk bottle chandelier, but now this highly creative wine glass chandelier comes from a lighting collection from the same company, Leitmotiv.

Aptly called the Vino chandelier, this stunning glass pendant lamp is made from 31 wine glasses. It’s a very clever design and works incredibly well as as a feature light.

The Leitmotiv Vino chandelier can be purchased from Dutch By Design, for £145.

Ton Haas Coral design chair from 95% Danish

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Modern coral designer chairBlue coral designer recycled chairOrange designer recycled coral chairRed coral designer recycled chair modern seat

The Coral design chair – so named as the open-work detail is reminiscent of a coral reef – is designed by Ton Haas and made in the Netherlands by Harechair.

The ergonomically designed chair is made from 100% recycled fibre-glass reinforced nylon and is a sturdy chair that is suitable for use both within your home and outside in the garden. We love the unusual open-work design, which looks particularly effective on the back of the chair.

The Coral chair is in stock at 95% Danish, where it costs £145 and is available in a great choice of colours – orange, white, red, anthracite (black), blue, taupe and army green.

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