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Silver Arquette lamps from Plumo

Monday, October 3rd, 2011
Silver perforated designer lights

Perforated silver lamps

It’s a while since we last featured any home offerings from Plumo, but their new Autumn / Winter 2011 range is full of interesting ideas, like these metal Arquette lamps.

Designed in Holland and made in Egypt from copper with a silver finish, the lamps are available in a small pear or oversized bulb shape. The perforated design on the outside will ensure that dappled light will create patterns across your room – perfect for intimate mood lighting.

The small Arquette lamp costs £79 and the large £139, from Plumo.

Danish style teak cabinet from Plumo

Thursday, June 9th, 2011
Scandinavian Danish interior design trend

Scandinavian style cabinet

Danish and Scandinavian style furniture, with its simple lines and distinctive style, continues to be a popular choice in interior design.

This cute little single drawer cabinet is made in Danish style from Indian sheesham wood and stained in a teak colour.

It would be the perfect piece of furniture for a hallway or to use as a bedside table.

The Danish style teak cabinet can be purchased from Plumo and costs £209.

Plumo crochet storage stool – love it or hate it?

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010
Bright crochet storage stool

Bright crochet storage stool

We’ve been having a bit of an ongoing ‘love it, or hate it?’ debate about these crochet storage stools ever since they appeared on sale at Plumo.

The stool idea is nice and practical, as there’s plenty of space inside to stow away your clutter. Although the crochet tops are on trend, they’re a bit of a blast from the past too and not one we’re entirely convinced about.

But whilst some of us definitely wouldn’t pay £119 for them – the original price – now that they’re dropped down, we’re beginning to be more tempted.

Last week Home Gems reported them to be £79, but now they’ve fallen even more and are down to only £45 – a much more realistic price than £119.

What do you think? Are you tempted to buy one? You’ll find them available at Plumo, in a choice of pink, purple or green.

Fair Trade melamine kitchen pots

Monday, January 18th, 2010
Handy storage pots

Handy storage pots

These two colourful storage pots are Fair Trade products and would be handy for storage purposes in the kitchen, or other parts of your home (I rather fancy storing sweets or nibbles in one on my desk).

They come sold as a set of two and are available at the reduced price of £15 from Plumo.

Reduced price cosy blanket at Plumo

Monday, December 28th, 2009
Snuggle up and keep warm

Snuggle up and keep warm

Just spotted – we featured this bright and colourful Avoca blanket before, but have noticed that it’s come down in price (hooray!).

The cosy blanket is made from wool and mohair in the oldest working mill in County Wicklow, Ireland and has been reduced by £20 in the Plumo sale.

Plumo Avoca blanket

Thursday, October 29th, 2009
Snuggle up and keep warm

Snuggle up and keep warm

The cooler weather brings with it a great excuse for snuggling up under a warm blanket – and it’s the perfect way of keeping the heating bills down.

We love this vibrant and colourful Avoca blanket from Plumo, which features an array of colours in shades of red, blue, green and purple.

It’s made from  70% mohair and 30% wool and is produced in the oldest working mill in County Wicklow, Ireland.

The blanket is perfect for wrapping yourself up in on chilly days, putting on your bed for an extra layer of warmth at night or curling up under on the sofa.

Buy your Avoca blanket at Plumo for £89.

Kimono round floor cushion

Thursday, August 27th, 2009
Kimono patchwork floor cushion

Kimono patchwork floor cushion

Yes, it’s that lovely, on trend, Kimono bench fabric again – but this time it’s in the form of a large, round floor cushion.

The cushion shows off the wonderful fabric very well, as six glorious pieces are sewn together in a patchwork pattern to form the front of the cushion. As it’s designed to be used on the floor, it needs to be durable, so it’s been finished off with some hard wearing denim.

The Kimono floor cushion measures 40cm in diamete and  is available from the Bird Cage Boutique for £40.

Plumo pink Sari bench

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009
Plumo pink sari bench

Plumo pink sari bench

The new Autumn range from Plumo has recently launched and we couldn’t help spotting the Pink Sari Bench - not least as it’s the same design as the infamous Kimono Bench that we’ve featured before.

This time it’s available in a pink patchwork fabric, which is made from an Indian sari, and it has the same red lacquered legs and handy little storage area under the seat. Plumo has it priced at £159.

After a little bit of digging around, we’ve discovered it’s made by a Dutch company called Colorique. It’s part of a range called Piece of Cake, that is really aimed at children, and they also do it in a sea blue colour too.

Colorique Pink Treasure Chest Sofa

Colorique Pink Treasure Chest Sofa

The only difference with the bench Plumo are selling is that the Colorique  pink and blue benches have white wooden legs instead of red.  Instead of a bench, they describe it as a ‘sofa treasure chest.’

We’ve yet to find any other UK retailers selling it, but will be looking out carefully as, like before, we suspect it may be cheaper to purchase elsewhere.

As nice as the sari fabric is, we personally prefer the original Kimono one, with its vibrant shades of red and blue.

What do you think? Is a pink bench your cup of tea? Or what colours would you prefer?

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