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Fresh design bedroom linen: Quote design pillowcases

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Message on a pillow

Fancy leaving a message for your loved one on their pillow? These lovely pillowcases, with their hand drawn messages, could be a good solution.

There are four different pillowcase designs available, each featuring a simple quote message. The quotes are hand drawn in dark grey ink on a white cotton pillowcase.

The pillowcases are £12.50 each (not per pair), so you can mix and match them as you wish, and are sold by Urban Cuckoo.



Two become one: cute union heart pillowcases

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011
Union of the heart love pillowcases

Novelty pillowcases

These novel pillowcases feature a heart design, but with a slight twist.

Rather than getting a heart on each item, the Union pillowcases are cleverly designed to provide half a heart on each piece.

When the pillowcases are put into use on your bed, and the designs placed next to each other, they join together to form a heart – ahhhh.

Slightly cheesy, but a cute idea, a pair of hand printed Union Egyptian cotton pillowcases costs £25 from Twisted Twee.

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