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Romany patchwork love seat bench

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012
KARE Design fresh design patchwork love seat bench

Romany patchwork love seat

Remember this lovely patchwork bench by KARE Design? For those of you who missed snapping it up previously, we’ve found another retailer, The French Bedroom Company, who’ve got it in stock.

They call it the Romany Love Seat and have it available in two sizes – the standard size, plus a larger version, the Romany Big Love Seat.

KARE Design patchwork bench seat

Romany big love seat

Both versions are available with either plain black legs, or you can choose to have the legs flocked in your choice of colour, for a truly unique look.

With black legs, the Romany love seat costs £285 and the Romany big love seat is priced at £355.

If you can’t get enough of the colourful, eclectic patchwork trend, then matching items to complete a room are also available.

KARE Design patchwork seating

Romany cube

There’s a Romany cube, which would be the perfect occasional seat, which currently costs £145 (usual price £160).

Fresh home design interiors patchwork trend

Romany storage chest

And an unusual storage solution, in the form of the Romany patchwork chest (£345).

Used individually, or together, these pieces all embrace the patchwork trend and could effectively add colour, texture and interest into an interior design room scheme.

January 2013 update:

The patchwork bench is also available from I Love Retro on Bouf, currently priced at £269.

Patchwork bench by KARE Design

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012
Patchwork kimono vintage bench

Patchwork bench

Ooh, we’ve just spotted this patchwork bench by KARE Design on offer over at Achica and it reminds us of the fabulous (and now hard to find) Kimono bench we featured a few years ago.

The KARE Design bench is the same shape and style, but with dark legs, and is upholstered in a similar patchwork effect of multicoloured vintage fabrics.

It’s a great design, quirky and colourful piece and a useful extra seat for your home, especially as it could work in so many rooms.

The patchwork bench is on offer at Achica for a very limited time, priced at £149 (usual price £299).

Update: If you missed this offer, but want to buy the bench, you can find other retailers here. Plus, the patchwork bench is also available from I Love Retro on Bouf, priced at £269.

Funky Marrakech patchwork sofa by Couch GB

Monday, January 24th, 2011
Designer contemporary patchwork sofa

Patchwork sofa

We’ve had a few requests from people wanting to know where they could buy a bright, contemporary patchwork sofa – and you can’t get much brighter than this Marrakech patchwork sofa!

This stunning three seater sofa is made from a solid beechwood frame and has been upholstered in an array of colourful Designers Guild fabrics to create an eye-catching patchwork design. Even if the rest of a room is plain and simple, this bright sofa would liven it up no end.

The Marrakech patchwork sofa is created by designer Deborah Swift, from Couch GB, and is priced at £4250.

Couch also produce a range of other vibrant furniture including the Mandalay patchwork chair and the  Avignon patchwork footstool that we featured previously.

Antique sari chair pad cushions from Myakka

Friday, February 26th, 2010
Gorgeous sari cushions

Gorgeous sari cushions

We’ve all for mixing design ideas and themes, and antique and vintage pieces can successfully work alongside modern and contemporary. Take these antique sari seat pads from Myakka, for example.

We’ve fallen in love with the fabric and colours – wonderful embroidery, rich colours, unusual designs, gold detailing and a rainbow of colours – and love the fact that each cushion is finished off with beaded tassels in the corners.

They’re designed to be seat pads – used for sitting on – but if you think they’re a bit too nice to be squashed, you could easily use them as cushions for decorative purposes. A pale or neutral coloured sofa would look great with a few of these dotted around on it.

Each seat pad is unique, with no two being exactly the same, so you can’t guarantee exactly what colour or design you’ll get. As far as we’re concerned, that just adds to the uniqueness.

The antique sari seat pads are sold individually for £14.95 each or as a set of four for £55, from Myakka.

Avignon patchwork footstool from Couch

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010
Vibrant footstool

Vibrant footstool

If you love the patchwork trend, but can’t quite run to buying a patchwork sofa, then how about introducing the patchwork idea through a footstool instead?

It takes up far less space than a large piece of furniture, but still adds a good dose of colour to a room. This Avignon patchwork serpentine footstool is upholstered with a selection of stunning fabrics, including some from Designers Guild, and the footstool has nice carved wooden feet fitted with brass castors, so it’s easy to move around.

If the choice of colours and fabrics isn’t quite to your taste, then it is available in other fabric options. This fun piece is available from Couch.

Patchwork sofa by Ginny Avison

Friday, October 9th, 2009
Ginny Avison patchwork sofa

Ginny Avison patchwork sofa

I’ve got a bit of a thing at the moment for patchwork sofas.  I saw a lovely one on display in a Cath Kidston shop last week (yes, really – it was a little bit shabby chic, but not too bad) and a patchwork-like sofa in Ikea today, that was more contemporary in style.

But now I’ve found Ginny Avison, who specialises in designing patchwork furniture, and think this vibrant Wow sofa is gorgeous.  

The sofa is a classic Chesterfield shape, with curved arms, and it’s been upholstered in a vibrant array of diamond shaped patchwork pieces. It would be a wonderful splash of colour to have in a room – in fact, you could get away with having it as the only major colour provider in a room.

The Wow sofa is available in small, medium or grande sizes and, if vibrant colours aren’t your cup of tea, you can choose more muted shades or even design your own colour scheme.

Find out more about the sofa, and other patchwork furniture, on Ginny Avison’s website.

Kimono round floor cushion

Thursday, August 27th, 2009
Kimono patchwork floor cushion

Kimono patchwork floor cushion

Yes, it’s that lovely, on trend, Kimono bench fabric again – but this time it’s in the form of a large, round floor cushion.

The cushion shows off the wonderful fabric very well, as six glorious pieces are sewn together in a patchwork pattern to form the front of the cushion. As it’s designed to be used on the floor, it needs to be durable, so it’s been finished off with some hard wearing denim.

The Kimono floor cushion measures 40cm in diamete and  is available from the Bird Cage Boutique for £40.

One Kimono bench, three prices!

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Just in case you missed it, another bargain price has been spotted for the lovely oriental patchwork Kimono bench.

* If you remember, Plumo are selling it for £159.

* We spotted it at Berry Red for £129.

* Now Zoe, of Beautiful Things, has found the same bench for the fantastic bargain price of £99!

All three retailers are marketing the bench slightly differently, as well as pricing it at vastly different levels. The £99 price tag is being offered by Funky Kids Furniture, which is a classic example of how one piece of furniture can be viewed as being suitable for a variety of ages.

Don’t be put off by this though, as it’s the same beautiful bench and would save you £60 on the original Plumo price, which can’t be sniffed at!

(No offence to Plumo – we love your products, but we also love bagging a bargain!)

In vogue Kimono Bench

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

Two of the current in vogue trends in home design are patchwork and oriental. Whilst you might assume they’re best left used on their own and, at least partially, reserved for vintage homes, believe it or not, they can be successfully combined together to be used in modern, contemporary homes too.

One of the products that has featured in UK home magazines this summer is this colourful bench, which is a good example of a piece of furniture that is blending together these two trends and that could easily fit in well in a modern home.

The bench features colourful fabrics inspired by antique kimono textiles, that are put together in a patchwork-like way. It not only looks great, but it’s also highly practical too, as the seat lifts up to provide much-needed storage. It’s finished off with bright lacquer red legs, which unscrew for easy manoeuvering.

Living Etc featured the Kyoto bench from Plumo in their July 2009 issue (£159), but we’re rather pleased to discover the Kimono Treasure Bench (same piece, different name) for only £125 at Berry Red (it pays to shop around!).

To complete the look, Berry Red also have a number of matching accessories, such as the Kimono velvet quilt, Kimono cotton velvet cushions and Kimono hanging lamps.

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