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Cool Fire Dice tea light candle holder

Friday, December 2nd, 2011
Eco contemporary candle holder

Dice candle holder

We’re always keen to find great examples of products made from recycled materials, so were pleased to hear about this dice tea light candle holder.

It’s made from recycled aluminium metal – which originally came from aircraft. Each of the six sides of the dice can accommodate tea lights (although not all at once), so you can choose to light anything from one or two candles, right up to a full set of six.

The glossy aluminium of the candle holder looks sleek and stylish during the day, and is brought to life even more when the candles are lit.

The large dice tea light holder costs £125 from Ecool Designs. A smaller, cool baby dice (which holds one single tea light candle) is available for £19.95.

Industrial style multi drawer storage chest

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011
Industrial trend home accessories

Multi coloured storage chest

Embracing the style of the industrial trend, here’s a great metal storage chest that can be used on a desk or in a craft room.

Its nine drawers are the perfect size for storing away office essentials, such as rubber bands or paperclips, or craft items such as threads, safety pins, buttons or brads.

The chest is slim enough to fit on a shelf or perched on a desk and the bright design provides a nice splash of colour.

The multi nine drawer storage chest costs £50 from John Lewis.

If you like the style and look of this piece, then a matching four drawer metal chest is available too.

Silver Arquette lamps from Plumo

Monday, October 3rd, 2011
Silver perforated designer lights

Perforated silver lamps

It’s a while since we last featured any home offerings from Plumo, but their new Autumn / Winter 2011 range is full of interesting ideas, like these metal Arquette lamps.

Designed in Holland and made in Egypt from copper with a silver finish, the lamps are available in a small pear or oversized bulb shape. The perforated design on the outside will ensure that dappled light will create patterns across your room – perfect for intimate mood lighting.

The small Arquette lamp costs £79 and the large £139, from Plumo.

Industrial chic: factory cart coffee table

Friday, July 29th, 2011
Industrial urban chic interior design

Factory cart coffee table

For those of you basing your interior design scheme around industrial or urban chic themes, this factory cart coffee table could be the perfect addition to your home.

The top of the table is made from wood, with long panelling details on it. But the piece is brought to life by the addition of industrial style polished metal shiny wheels and hinge and bolt detailing in the corners of the table top.

The factory cart coffee table is available to purchase from Occa Home.

Tolix metal bar stools from Graham and Green

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Contemporary metal home or garden stoolContemporary shiny metal bar stool

The shiny varnished steel makes these distinctive French style cafe bar stools delightfully appealing for a contemporary home.

Designed in 1934 by Xavier Pauchard, the stools can be used inside your home or outside (although you will need to bring them inside during poor weather, so they don’t suffer damage) and are available in tall or short versions.

The short varnished steel Tolix metal stool is priced at £135 and the tall stool at £215 (white versions are available too, for cheaper prices).

Both stools, plus matching chairs, are available from Graham and Green.

Industrial wall storage unit by House Doctor DK

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011
Danish industrial home interior design style

Wall storage solution

Inject a bit of industrial style into your interior design, with this fab wall storage solution from Danish company, House Doctor.

The storage unit is made of aluminum and provides ample space in multiple ‘pockets’ for storing all kinds of bits and pieces.

You could use it in a kitchen to store kitchen utensils in, a home office or study for storing pens, pencils and scissors in or it would make a very funky storage solution for a craft room, where you could ensure your crafting essentials are always at hand.

Best of all, it could free up space in a room where you have limited surfaces, as everything goes on the wall instead!

The industrial metal wall storage unit is available to purchase from Bodie and Fou and costs £169.99.

Aluminium heart salad bowl

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011
Aluminium metal interior design product

Shiny salad bowl

This lovely shiny bowl is made from aluminium and is crafted into a heart shape.

In theory it’s designed to be a salad bowl, but it would work equally well as a fruit bowl or simply used for decorative purposes in your home.

The aluminium metal salad bowl is sold by The Heart Store and costs £50.

Although we prefer to use heart-shaped home products in moderation, if you’re fond of all things hearty, then the Heart Store sell a variety of other heart related items – bizarrely, even a heart-shaped shower head!

Unusual metal beer barrel seat

Friday, March 25th, 2011
Galvanised steel beer barrel design chair from Garden Trading

Metal barrel chair

Beer lovers: meet the beer barrel chair!

This quirky metal chair is made from galvanised steel and is based on the design and shape of a traditional beer barrel.

It’s the right height to use at a table, but it’s also perfect for use as a feature chair in a room of your home. The chair is amazingly lightweight and the space at the back of the seat acts as a useful handle, enabling you to easily move the chair around.

The barrel seat comes with a padded foam seat, with a cotton canvas cover, and is available to pre-order (stock is expected to be available in early April) from Garden Trading. This quirky metal chair costs £145.

Vintage aluminium DVD locker storage box

Thursday, July 8th, 2010
DVD or clutter storage box

DVD or clutter storage box

Metal is a great material to use in homeware and interior design, not least as it provides a different texture and is very hard wearing, and we see it cropping up in all sorts of ways.

We stumbled upon this vintage storage collection and can’t help but love these old style metal locker boxes, which actually have quite a modern and funky feel to them. This box in particular is sold with a view to being the perfect size for storing all your DVDs (there are others available for CDs), but we’re sure it could be used for umpteen other storage purposes too.

The shiny aluminium metal provides an interesting surface to look at when the box is popped on a shelf or on the floor near your TV, as it shines and glints in the light, and the locker-style opening is a nice added decorative feature.

The vintage aluminium DVD locker box is £51.95 from Culinary Concepts.

Shoaling fish hot plate stand

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009
Fish design trivet

Fish design trivet

We’re always on the lookout for kitchen accessories and, if you want to protect your worktops from damage from hot pans and dishes, then trivets and hot plate stands are essential.

This shoaling fish design hot plate stand is available from Florestine. It’s made from shiny cast iron aluminium and measures 20cm by 20cm.

The fish design makes it a nice decorative piece to have out in your kitchen, or on a dining table, even when it’s not in use.

The shoaling fish hot plate stand costs £12.50.

Update, Sept 2011: The Florestine website is no longer up and running, but you can buy the shoaling fish hot plate stand, and other similar products, from By The Sea.

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