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What to look for when buying a mattress

Monday, July 9th, 2012
How to choose a mattress

Memory foam mattress

Finding the perfect mattress is very important as you will be spending quite a bit of time on it and it will play a part in ensuring you get a restful night of sleep. Therefore, when shopping for a mattress, keeping some key things in mind can help you find the best mattress to fit your needs.

There are many different kinds of mattresses to consider, so when you’re shopping, don’t rush into it and buy the first mattress you see. It’s always a good idea to try out a mattress before you buy, but many people simply lie down on it for a few seconds. Realistically, this isn’t enough time to determine the full comfort level. Sometimes a mattress can feel comfortable at first, but after a time, becomes less so.

Instead, take your time and spend some time relaxing on it. Also, if you will be sleeping with a partner on the mattress, take them with you to try it out too. You want to know how the mattress feels with both of you on it. Many mattresses feel quite differently when one person is on it versus two.

A good test is to lie on the mattress with your backs to one another to see how comfortable it is when there are two of your lying on. It’s also worth seeing how the mattress feels when your partner gets out of bed. Ideally, your comfort and sleep shouldn’t be disturbed too much when someone else moves on the mattress. If you do notice the effects of their movement, then take it into consideration as you compare mattress options.

Another thing to consider when purchasing a new mattress is size. The mattress must be long enough to comfortably accommodate your height. Taller people, usually those over 6 feet, will want to choose a mattress that is no smaller than a king size. If you’re extremely tall, then a California king mattress may be more appropriate. For a mattress for a couple, so long as their heights are less than 6 feet, a queen mattress will be perfectly adequate.

When purchasing a new mattress consider testing out one of the popular memory foam mattresses. These can be quite comfortable as well as therapeutic for some conditions. It’s always good to try to find the best memory foam mattress available.

Before you make your final decision, do your research carefully and test out plenty of mattresses to find the perfect choice for your sleeping needs.

***This post is brought to you by Memory Foam Mattress Direct***

Dormeo Octaspring Mattress: Invest in sleep perfection

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012
How to get a perfect night's sleep

Dormeo Octaspring mattress

How good is your mattress? We thought ours was reasonably okay and adequate, until we got the chance to sleep on one that infinitely improved our sleep and provided the perfect level of comfort and support – the Dormeo Octaspring mattress.

When Dormeo asked if we’d like to test their new Octaspring mattress, the idea of an excuse to do some serious sleeping sounded like the perfect opportunity!

Installing the Octaspring mattress

The mattress arrived a bit unexpectedly and we’d not had time to remove our old mattress, so the delivery men kindly informed me that it was really lightweight and easy to move, so we’d have no problem doing it ourselves. Quite frankly, they were fibbing (*** see note at end).

Our stairs are not straight, they’re twisty, and the mattress is by no means thin or bendy. Getting it up the stairs proved far trickier than expected, not to mention exhausting, and at several points we thought it had got stuck and we’d have to call for help with getting it any further.

But after a lot of huffing and puffing, we finally made it upstairs, got it onto the bed and collapsed straight onto it. It was when we came to move the old mattress down that we got our first insight into how different the Octaspring mattress really is.

The old mattress really was thin and floppy, proving no problem at all to manoeuveur back down the stairs. It was a complete contrast to the Octaspring, which was super sturdy and made up of layers of foam springs. Visually, there was no comparison between the two mattresses and the Octaspring was so much thicker and far, far more substantial than the old bog standard mattress.

As well as looking different and being specially made for the perfect sleep, the Octaspring proved to be so much more comfortable too. In fact, it’s a world of difference from our previous mattress.

I can’t begin to describe just how comfortable it is – it’s almost like you’re lying on a soft cloud that is fully supporting your body. It seems to mould itself around your body, giving you the exact amount of support you need, and you don’t get disturbed by someone else’s movement as they turn on the other side of the bed.

Octaspring mattress technology

Dormeo Octaspring mattress review

An Octaspring foam spring

Most mattresses are either made with metal springs (like our old one) or with memory foam. Springs help provide good ventilation, but can create uncomfortable pressure points. Memory foam on the other hand can be more comfortable, but lacks the ventilation, which can result in making you feel hot and uncomfortable.

In the case of the Octaspring mattress, designer Willy Poppe came up with the idea of creating the best of both worlds – blending together the two concepts to create a spring made out of memory foam. It’s a clever idea and from a sleep and comfort point of view, it really works.

Octaspring mattress range

There are five different mattresses in the Octaspring range.

They differ in the number of Octaspring layers they have (from one to three), in the number of Octaspring zones in the mattress (from three to seven) and in the depth of the mattress (from 18cm to 30cm), and are priced accordingly.

We’ve been sleeping on the Octaspring 8500, which is thickest at 30cm and has three layers of the Octaspring technology in seven zones.

Now we’ve tried the Octaspring, we’re fully converted and don’t ever want to go back to a flimsy, unsupported mattress again!

As we spend about one third of our lives sleeping, and lack of sleep is a contributing factor to various health problems, it makes sense to invest in something that will help provide the best night’s sleep possible. To find out more, visit

Dormeo Octaspring offers customers a 60 night risk free home trial, so you can try the mattress and see if it improves your sleep, plus they come with a 20 year guarantee. They’re also currently giving away two free Evolution pillows (worth £160) for orders placed before the end of March.

***In normal circumstances Dormeo’s ‘white glove delivery service’ promises to deliver the mattress directly to the room of your choice (you shouldn’t have to drag it upstairs yourself like we did!). If requested, they’ll also set it up, remove the packaging and take away your old mattress – definitely a valuable service.

Make an Investment That Will Benefit Your Body

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011
Memory foam mattress from Bedstar

Memory foam mattress

Financially, times are hard at the moment. Nearly all of us have to learn to save our pennies and not be frivolous. Therefore it is a tricky time to justify buying something that is above the average price.

Mattresses are a prime example. With the rise in memory foam mattresses it is inevitable that they will become an essential item. But they do not come cheap, and this is hard to digest, especially at the moment. However, it is worth considering buying one as an investment for the future.

Memory foam mattresses are an investment. Yes you pay out at the start, but you will not have to buy another for many years. They are created to be durable and worth every penny. The foam was originally designed for NASA, so it is safe to say there will have been no short cuts taken when making this product.

These mattresses are also an investment for your health. The benefits of sleeping on a memory foam mattress are all ones that will assist in keeping your body pain free and agile. This comfortable situation then allows you to sleep more soundly, meaning you are refreshed every morning and are not plagued by headaches, grumpiness and fatigue. Surely this kind of TLC for our bodies is exactly what we should be investing in?

Memory foam mattresses are in fact getting cheaper by the day. The more manufacturers that start to produce and sell them, the better. They will begin a price war that can only result in cheaper mattresses for members of the public to buy.

At times like these it is sensible to invest your hard earned money wisely. By investing in a one of the many memory foam mattresses you will be investing in quality for your body, resulting in a healthier life and better sleep.

***This post is in association with Bedstar***

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