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Contemporary drip design magnetic notice board

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012
Contemporary magnetic memo notice board

Drip magnetic board

We’re big fans of magnetic notice and memo boards, but here’s a striking design that would definitely liven up the wall of a modern or contemporary home.

The paint drip design notice board is inspired, not surprisingly, by a paint brush stroke and it depicts it incredibly well.

It’s made from powder coated steel and is designed by HeadSprung (whose scribble mounted coat rack we featured recently). The magnetic board comes with four strong magnets and there is just the right amount of room for you to add notes, lists, postcards or reminders.

The drip magnetic strip board is very competitively priced at only £12.99 and is available in red, light purple, dark blue or black.

Bargain alert: Speech bubble chalkboard wall sticker

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011
Bargain reduced price home decorating wall sticker

Chalkboard wall sticker

How often have you left notes at home for your other half, children or housemates, only to later discover they never got the message?

Forget bits of paper that are easily overlooked – leave a message on this speech bubble shaped chalkboard wall sticker instead.

With this on the wall in a prominent place, there’s more of a chance of them spotting the note – although we can’t guarantee they’ll take it in or act on it!

This nifty speech bubble wall sticker is now only £14.40 in the sale at Ella James. It comes equipped with chalk to write your messages and a sponge to rub them off.

In addition to the chalkboard wall sticker, there’s a matching magnetic chalkboard speech bubble fridge sticker available too.

If you love funky wall stickers, then check out some of the previous wall stickers we’ve featured on the blog.

Magnatin magnetic spice rack

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Magnetic spice rack

This sleek stainless steel spice rack is designed with magnetic properties. Not only can you pop the six small containers into their own tray to keep them tidy and organised, but the pots will also stick to appliances in your kitchen, such as the front of fridges, freezers or even the radiator.

The secure lid means that the contents won’t come spilling out all over the place but, when you do want to use the herbs in your cooking, the lids have easy-to-use ‘twist and shake’ functions. The lids are also see-through, so you can easily see at a glance what’s inside.

As well as herbs and spices, the tins are the perfect size for storing other cooking ingredients and kitchen bits and pieces, such as small cake decorations, chocolate sprinkles or vanilla dusting powder.

The magnetic spice rack costs £14.99 and is available from Magnatin.

Forget Me Not magnetic notice board

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010
Memo board

Memo board


Magnetic notice boards are really handy to keep track of all those things you need to remember.

This striking memo board, in bold red and white, will help ensure you don’t forget things – or at least, where you left the note to remind you!

The screen printed board is made in Yorkshire and comes with a selection of ceramic heart magnets to help keep those reminder notes securely in place.

The Forget Me Note notice board is available from Green & Co on Not On The High Street.

Feather design magnetic memo board

Thursday, January 14th, 2010
Pink memo board

Pink memo board

One for the girls – this pink magnetic memo board has a nice feathery design on it and comes with a set of pink heart magnets.

We particularly like the linear shape, as it can be hung either vertically or horizontally, and would fit into small spaces.

The memo board is sold by Objects of Design.

If a square magnetic memo board is more your style, then they have the same design available in a larger square version too.

Rodrigo Torres paperclip and pen holder

Monday, November 2nd, 2009
Chip the paperclip holder

Chip the paperclip holder

It’s not long since we featured the nesting bird paperclip holder, but already we’ve found something similiar that equally deserves a mention.

Designed by Rodrigo Torres, this polished stainless silver bird – called Chip – is also magnetic and is the ideal storage facility for paperclips, but it’s got the added bonus of offering somewhere for you to rest your pen too.

The little open eye socket area is the perfect place for your favourite pen. Use those moments of procrastination at your desk to decorate the polished silver bird with an array of paperclips!

The Rodrigo Torres Chip magnetic paperclip holder is £28 from Utility.

Salt and pepper mill fail

Monday, October 26th, 2009

salt-mill   pepper-mill

Normally, we’re happy to recommend products and home ideas to you, but on this occasion, we’re not.

Although these mini magnetic salt and pepper mills look compact, easy to use and quite sweet (the handles look like bunny ears and the two small dots on the ball look a bit like eyes) their design has major faults.

The black handles at the top are designed to be squeezed, which releases the salt or pepper from the bottom of the mill. But, from our experience, they break ever so easily and are not robust enough.

We’ve got through a couple of them. With the first pepper one we had, it lasted about six months before one handle snapped off mid use, quickly followed by the same breakage on the salt handle.

Giving it the benefit of the doubt, we thought perhaps it may have been over used or squeezed too hard, so we replaced them.

The second pepper lasted a matter of weeks – with very gentle, occasional use – before that too broke in exactly the same way. It could be a concidence, but it seems others have experienced the same problem.

As salt and pepper mills go, they’re cheap and quirky (the magnetic bit on the back means you can hang them on your fridge, if you so desire, or join them together), but for durability and long-term value for money, they fail completely.

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