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Minimalist style Manhattan floor lamp

Monday, August 20th, 2012
Minimalist white interior design

White floor lamp

If a pure white, minimalist design is what you’re looking to achieve in a room, then this Manhattan floor lamp could fit in well.

The lamp is by Slide Design and is designed to be placed on the floor. The design is well thought out, with gentle angles adding interest to the white design, both when the light is turned on and off.

Even the lamp cable is transparent, so you won’t end up with ugly black cables messing up your minimalist interior.

The Manhattan floor lamp is in stock at Made in Design.

Special offer: If you place an order with Made in Design before 25th August 2012 and spend over £70, you can get free delivery using the code ‘DELAUGUST12′.

Moooi large horse floor lamp

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012
Equine horse lighting home accessories trend

Giant horse floor lamp

Equine fans….fancy a horse in your living room?

There have been lots of animal lamps around in the last few years, but whereas most are table lamp sized, this one is life size!

The horse lamp was created by Swedish designers Front for Moooi and is made from black polyester. There’s a lot of detail on the horse, making it quite realistic – well, bar the fact that it has a lamp on its head.

You’ll definitely need a roomy house to accommodate this Black Beauty and we reckon it’s bound to become a talking point.

The Moooi horse floor lamp is available to buy from Made in Design.

Kartell Pop Outdoor chair by Piero Lissoni

Monday, June 11th, 2012
Designer pop chair by Kartell

Kartell Pop outdoor chair

One of the top brands of contemporary designer chairs, Kartell is a name synonymous with quality.

For many people, buying a Kartell chair is an investment decision. This Pop outdoor armchair by Piero Lisso, for example, would normally set you back just over £1,000 from many retailers.

If there’s a brand you really like, it’s always worth looking out for a bargain or money-saving opportunity, where you could snap up your desired piece of furniture for a snip of the price.

If this is the chair you’ve been coveting, there’s currently a bargain to be had for someone, as Oliver Bonas have an ex-display Kartell Pop chair in their sale for just £420.

Muuto crush bowl: Designer fruit bowl

Monday, May 14th, 2012
Designer china crockery and tableware

Crush bowl

Triangles rule, as this striking crush bowl by Muuto demonstrates.

The bowl is made up of lots of equilateral triangles (remember those, from your maths classes?) and it’s been given a designer ‘crushed’  look. It’s made from white bone china and designed by Julien De Smet.

It’s an unusual piece and, whether you put it to good use (we love the idea of using it as fruit bowl, as the individual triangle segments are just right for holding pieces of fruit), or just show it off on display, it’s a worthy  investment piece.

A small Muuto crush bowl is available for £39 from MyDeco, and the larger version costs £69 from Made in Design.

Fresh Design Furniture: Casamania Opus Incertum bookcase

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012
Contemporary designer bookcase

Opus Incertum bookcase

We love a good bookshelf design and this one is certainly eye-catching!

Designed by Sean Yoo for Casamania, the Opus Incertum is made from recyclable expanded polypropylene. There are numerous honeycomb shaped segments which work as shelves, where you can store books, CDs, DVDs or other items.

Designer bookcase for a modern home

One piece on its own works well as a bookcase or display cabinet, but you can also use several pieces to create a larger display system for a home or office. Several bookcases joined together on the wall to form a larger display unit look really effective.

Contemporary room divider screen

In addition, it’s got the creativity and charm to double up as a room divider or screen, with the shelves used for their storage capacities or kept open to let light shine through.

The Opus Incertum bookcase is in stock at Made in Design and is available  in black, white or gold. How would you use it?

Kundalini Hara orange armchair

Thursday, April 12th, 2012
Fibreglass designer garden chair armchair

Hara chair

This stunning Hara armchair is an artistic design suitable for using in your home or garden.

Made from sleek lacquered fibreglass, the chair was designed by Giorgio Gurioli for Kundalini, and is a striking and vibrant shade of orange (the perfect accompaniment for Pantone’s Tangerine Tango colour theme for 2012).

The Hara armchair is available from Made in Design.

Tam Tam Pop low stool: stylish and affordable

Monday, February 27th, 2012
Contemporary affordable seating

Stylish Tam Tam stool

For those times when you need extra seating, but don’t want to spend loads to ensure you’ve got it, these Tam Tam stools are incredibly useful and stylish to boot.

Originally designed by Henry Massonnet and now made by Branex Design, the stools are created from polypropylene and available in a lovely choice of colours.

As well as being handy as an extra seat, the stools can double up as small tables too – perfect for using as contemporary bedside table or a place to pop a drink at a party.

The Tam Tam Pop stools are only £16.60 each, from Made in Design.

Normann Copenhagen herb stand flowerpot

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012
Designer herb garden storage stand

Herb pot stand

Have you got a few odd pots of herbs lingering on your kitchen windowsill? Here’s a neat solution to keep them stylishly organised.

The white flowerpot design herb stand is designed by Jakob Heiberg for Normann Copenhagen and features a modular design. At its basic, there’s place to store one or two pots of herbs – but if you need room for more, you can use the built in saucers as extra space.

A slimline compartment at the back of the stand provides space for the accompanying scissors, so you’ll always have them ready when you want to cut a few herbs for cooking.

The Normann Copenhagen white flowerpot herb stand is available from Made in Design for £28.20.

Normann Copenhagen designer home accessories

Herb pot viewed from above

It comes apart really well for cleaning. As well as looking great on your windowsill, it looks pretty cool viewed from above, too!

Zontik umbrella stand by Casamania

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Modern zontik umbrella stand for stylish homesFunky umbrella stand holder for a modern homeZontik Casamania contemporary umbrella holder

When it’s raining outside, there’s nothing worse than having a load of soggy umbrellas dripping all over the floor in your entrance lobby or hall. Whilst traditional umbrella stands are typically not the most stunning design pieces, this modern and contemporary Zontik umbrella holder is really quite funky!

Designed by Karim Rashid for Casamania, the Zontik umbrella holder is made from polyethylene and has six aperture holes for holding umbrella. The size and shape of the umbrella stand ensures that all drips from wet umbrellas are contained with the holder, so your interiors and flooring remain dry.

The Zontik umbrella stand is available in a choice of finishes (opaque or polished) and in a choice of colours (gold, pink, silver or black) and can be purchased from Made in Design.

Rob Brandt crushed expresso cup

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010
Ceramic crushed cup by designer Rob Brandt

Ceramic cup

Sometimes it’s amazing how even the most simplest of designs can be so effective, or so popular.

That’s certainly the case with Rob Brandt’s ceramic expresso cup. Designed to look like a crumpled and squashed used coffee cup, the piece is actually made out of ceramic and will provide a long life of coffee needs.

Each white cup is handmade, so the creases and crumples will be unique to you. At only £4.90 from Made in Design, it’s a fabulous price for a really quirky design piece.

If you like this kind of design idea, you may also like the porcelain flour bag container or the porcelain carton milk jug that we’ve featured previously.

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