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Two become one: cute union heart pillowcases

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011
Union of the heart love pillowcases

Novelty pillowcases

These novel pillowcases feature a heart design, but with a slight twist.

Rather than getting a heart on each item, the Union pillowcases are cleverly designed to provide half a heart on each piece.

When the pillowcases are put into use on your bed, and the designs placed next to each other, they join together to form a heart – ahhhh.

Slightly cheesy, but a cute idea, a pair of hand printed Union Egyptian cotton pillowcases costs £25 from Twisted Twee.

Guzzini Love silicone pan trivet stand

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010
Red heart design silicone pan stand

Heart design trivet

Silicone pan stands are incredibly useful to have in the kitchen (we’ve got three and use them all the time), as you put them on the work surface and stick any hot pans or plates onto them.

This Love pan stand, designed by Setsu and Shinobu Ito for Guzzini, features a rather funky design made up of lots of intertwined hearts. The silicone is thick enough (1.5cm) to ensure your worktop surfaces remain unharmed, whatever you put down on it.

The Guzzini love pan stand is £12.90 from Red Candy. If you like the design, there are lots of other matching items available too, including a placemat, glass tumblers and Guzzini love place settings.

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