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Poachpod: the way to a perfect poached egg?

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011
How to cook a perfect poached egg

Poachpod - egg poaching aid

Cooking poached eggs is one of those things that doesn’t always go to plan. If you use the ‘throw the egg into boiling water’ method, sometimes it poaches in a nice organised fashion, and other times you end up with lots of stringy bits of egg white and an odd shaped poached egg.

Poached egg rings – a bit like a round pastry cutter – are widely available to pop the egg in and make them nicely round, but another option are these Poachpods.

Made from flexible silicone, the Poachpods are designed to hold the egg for you, whilst floating in boiling water and poaching.

The inside needs to be lightly oiled in order to help you release the egg in one piece at the end, but if reviews are to be believed, they poach eggs well and and do away with the odd shaped and stringy poached egg dilemma.

Poachpods are available to purchase from various retailers, with prices differing slightly. Amazon have two green Poachpods available for £4.60, Sainsbury’s sell Poach Pods for £5.00 and Lakeland have green or yellow Poachpods for £4.99.

Have you tried Poachpods and have they revolutionised your egg poaching method?

Christmas reindeer dishes

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009
Tree-shaped Christmas dishes

Tree-shaped Christmas dishes

It’s nice to have a couple of seasonal pieces of crockery that you get out and use at Christmas. Although some of the offerings available are a bit OTT and garish, these reindeer dishes are quite fun.

Shaped like a Christmas tree, they’ve got a red pattern running around the rim of the dish, and a small reindeer and tree image in the middle.

If your Christmas colour scheme includes red, then they’d fit in perfectly.

The dishes come in a set of two, with the small measuring 19cm x 16cm x 3cm and the large 26cm x 20cm x 4cm (e.g. you’d fit a fair few nibbles on each!).

They’re £12.99 per set from Lakeland.

Top 10 kitchen worktop savers

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009
Worktop savers serve a practical purpose of helping protect your kitchen worktops from becoming scratched, burnt, stained, bashed or damaged. They’re usually made of durable materials, such as toughened glass, granite, wood or marble.
Although some are a bit boring and unoriginal, others are fun and quirky – here are 10 of our favourites!

1. Joseph Joseph spatula worktop saver

Joseph Joseph do a wide range of excellent worktop savers. This multi-coloured design celebrates the humble spatula, to great effect. Buy it from John Lewis for £15.

2. Ella Doran smarties worktop saver

This colourful smarties design is by Ella Doran and features round smarties and hearts, in a rainbow of colours.
It’s available from House of Fraser for £10.

3. Metro granite worktop saver


For a sleek and stylish look, this Metro worktop saver is made of dark granite, etched with a contrasting square design on one side.

It’s available from Argos for the sale price of £9.99.

4. Union Jack worktop saver


Add a patriotic feel to your kitchen, with the help of this Union Jack worktop saver.

The design is cleverly made up of fruits, such as strawberries and blueberries, and it’s available to purchase from Colloco Homeware and Gifts, on Not On The High Street, for £17.50.

5. Joseph Joseph breakfast worktop saver

Another great design from Joseph Joseph is this breakfast themed worktop protector, designed by illustrator Bo Lundberg.
Buy it at Corvus for £12.49.

6. Black and white floral bloom worktop saver

Bring the classic monotone look to the kitchen, with the help of this black and white floral bloom worktop saver.
It’s made by Kitchen Craft and is £7.49 from Denny and Sons.
The same bloom design is also available as a 24cm round worktop saver, for £4.75.

7. Cupcake worktop saver

Cupcakes - yum, yum!

If you love a good cupcake, then this vintage cupcake design worktop saver may be right up your street.

It’s available from Lakeland for £7.99.

8. Oval polka dot worktop saver


It might be smalller than some worktop savers (15cm by 30cm), but this one is just as durable. If you’ve got a smaller kitchen, or not too large a worktop to protect, then this nifty oval worktop saver may do the trick.

Decorated with polka dots, in vintage shades, it’s only £3.99 from Denny and Sons.

9. Conversion worktop saver

You won’t be stuck for a cooking conversion ever again, as this practical kitchen worktop saver is packed with essential conversion information. Whether you need to convert ounces to pounds, ml to fl oz  to cups, or °C to °F, they’re all here.
It was designed especially for Lakeland by Joseph Joseph and costs £9.78.

10. Chilli pepper worktop saver


If all things hot and spicy are your cup of tea, or you want your worktop saver to tone in with red or terracotta colours in your kitchen, then this chilli pepper worktop saver could be ideal.

It costs £9 from Leekes.

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