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100 Secrets to Life art print by Pearl and Earl

Thursday, April 21st, 2011
100 secrets to a happy life inspirational ideas

Inspirational art

When you think of inspirational art, do you automatically think of mesmerising artwork or pictures? A lot of people do, but art made up of words or phrases can be just as inspiring as a gorgeous landscape picture or colourful piece of modern art.

The 100 Secrets of Life art print is made up of 100 things that make Jacqui, from Pearl and Earl, smile. The chances are, they’ll make you smile too, plus give you some ideas of things to do.

Some of the secrets offer words of wisdom, whilst others focus on things you could do or try. Some examples include:

Trust yourself.

Baking rocks.

Don’t forget to dream.

Smile if you’re skint.

Make fond memories.

Make good mix tapes.

Use words wisely.

Belly laugh everyday.

Drink real ale.

The unframed print is only £20 from Pearl and Earl, but it can be framed, and even personalised, for an extra fee.

1000 Home Ideas by Stafford Cliff, book review

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

If you enjoy browsing through interior decorating and home magazines (and blogs!) and like discovering new ideas for things you could do in your own home, then you’ll love 1000 Home Ideas, by Stafford Cliff, with photographs by Christian Sarramon.

Stafford Cliff, a design consultant and art director, who produced the very first Habitat catalogues with Sir Terence Conran, has teamed up with French photographer Christian Sarramon to produce this fantastic book. It’s very much a coffee table book and is designed to be dipped into and browsed through when you’re in need of inspiration.

The book is divided into various sections, covering different design areas, but it’s by no means your usual, bog-standard categories. Instead, you’ll find descriptions such as openings and closings, interest under foot, shelf life, quiet corners, walls of wonder, reaching outwards and steps and banisters.

The large majority of the book is devoted to fantastic photography, of the type that will make you ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ with excitement. There’s one page of text introducing each category, but it’s followed by numerous photos of stunning homes. Some are in the form of huge, double page spreads, others fill a page, plus there are lots of smaller images too.

Although you do get to see some images of entire rooms, it’s the smaller, more intimate details that this book does so well. In the Walls of Wonder section, for example, there are images illustrating a myriad of ways in which people adorn the walls of their homes, from intricate wall tiles and old fashioned kitchens, to contemporary art, photo montages and walls of wellies (yes, really!).

I also love the section on staircases and banisters – who knew there could be so many variations on the humble stairs – and the way the photos have been put together are works of art in themselves.

There’s so much to look at and enjoy in this book and you’re bound to be inspired by something. In fact, there’s far too much to absorb in just one reading and each time you pick it up again, there’s more new, exciting details to notice.

If you’re looking for a book to browse away the hours, or are seeking ideas for your own home, then 1000 Home Ideas by Stafford Cliff is the perfect book purchase. It’s published by Quadrille, is available in a choice of hardback or softback and can be found on Amazon (the best price on Amazon is for the hardback, currently £12.46 instead of £20 – bizarrely, the soft back version is marginally more, at £12.74).

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