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Limpet hooks by Kirsty Whyte

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011
Contemporary coat hooks designed by Kirsty Whyte

Limpet hooks

Here’s a quirky and novel alternative to standard hooks, created by designer Kirsty Whyte.

The Limpet hooks are mollusc shaped and are pieces of wall art in their own right – you wouldn’t necessarily know they’re a coat hook if there was nothing hanging from one.

The colourful hooks, which come in a set of six in red, turquoise and warm grey, are moulded from plastic and can hold weights of up to 5kg.

These Limpet hooks are provided exclusively for and are priced at only £29 for six (the usual high street price would be £79). Snap them up while you can!

Black butterfly hooks

Friday, March 5th, 2010
Stylish butterfly hooks

Stylish butterfly hooks

There are lots of very nice hooks on the market at the moment, but some of the butterfly themed ones can be a bit too girly, pink or pastelly.

These ones get over that problem very effectively, as they’re an all over black design. The butterflies have been intricately cut, so you see all the detail on their wings, and the noir works beautifully against a white or cream wall.

Use them as stylish coat hooks, in a bedroom or even in the kitchen, to hang tea towels from.

The set of three black butterfly hooks are available from Urban Outfitters, for £9.

Unusual decorative house hooks

Friday, October 23rd, 2009
House shaped hooks
House shaped hooks

There’s no excuse anymore for having boring hooks or nothing to hang things from!

Take this row of hooks, for example, which are decorated with  five black houses. The houses look European in style and have fantastic architectural detail added to the buildings, as well as a little white scooter in the road below.
It would be perfect for hanging coats, keys or tea towels on and the houses stand out well when hung against a plain wall.
Amazingly,  this decorative and functional piece home accessory is only £5.99 from Beautiful Things - a bargain for a very unsual row of hooks!
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