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Funky office desk accessories from Colloco Homeware

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Funky horse memo note holderComputer disc sticky memo notes

We’re rather partial to an occasional quirky accessory to add to our desk (like the nesting bird paperclip holder or pencil sharpener desk tidy), so couldn’t resist either of these quirky items from Colloco.

First, there’s Morris the horse, who acts as a handy memo holder. There’s a slot in his back to hold pieces of paper (he comes with a stack supplied), but he can also display a note for you in his mouth – just squeeze his ‘ears’ together, and his mouth will open.

Morris has been nicely designed and offers a fun way of adding a practical memo pad to your desk and, when you’re not using his mouth to hold a note, it can double up as a pen holder. Morris the horse memo holder costs £10.95.

The floppy disc sticky notes also caught our eye. The notepad is modelled on the look and style of the now retro 3.5″ computer discs that we all used so much in the 80s and 90s and is very realistically produced.

There are 50 sticky sheets of floppy disk paper per pad and you get a set of three pads for £7.50.

Both of these fun and quirky office desk accessories are available to purchase from Colloco Homeware and Gifts.

Black candle holder rack

Thursday, July 30th, 2009
Decorative candle holder rack

Decorative candle holder rack

Add a decorative touch to your room with the aid of this black wooden candle holder rack.

This simple shelf is made of wood and finished off with nice decorative scroll-like touches on the side.

It comes complete with three colourful candle holders, in pink, red and orange.

The candle rack shelf is available from Jasmine Way, a store specialising in Continental European home accessories.

It’s currently in the sale and priced at £12.74.

Herstal tube magazine holder

Sunday, July 12th, 2009
Herstal modern tube magazine holder

Herstal modern tube magazine holder

It’s always good to find new storage ideas and especially so to find storage solutions that look modern and stylish.

Magazines and newspapers are notorious for building up in piles (or, at least they are here!) and most magazine racks are floorstanding, so you have to have a suitable space in which to put them. But with this ingenious idea, all you need is a bit of wall space.

Designed by Herstal, a Danish company, this modern attractive magazine rack is fitted to the wall and holds magazines in tube-like holders. It’s stylish and compact and, although it only holds six magazines, you could also increase the storage capacity by putting up two magazine holders.

The Herstal tube magazine holder can be found for sale at DotMaison for £45.

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