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Steuart Padwick Stroller desk in spring green

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012
Award winning stroller desk furniture design

Stroller desk

Looking for a new desk? The clean lines and fresh green colour of this Stroller desk help give it a spring-like appeal and it’s currently available at a superb price.

The stroller desk is designed by award-winning furniture designer Steuart Padwick and it’s a sophisticated piece of furniture. The desk is made from solid oak with engineered wood and oak veneer and it’s finished in a fresh green and clear lacquer.

The desk offers ample space, plus has two roomy drawers and a storage compartment. In fact, it’s got a multi-functional ability to it, as the central storage compartment opens up to reveal a mirror, so you could use the Stroller as a contemporary style dressing table instead of a desk!

Contemporary home dressing table

The desk becomes a dressing table!

The green stroller desk is usually priced at £1495 on the high street, but if you buy it now at it will only cost you £299.

If the green isn’t for you, the same desk is also available in white or walnut.

Recycled tyre garden planters

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Green eco recycled tyre plant pot from EcoutletEco green recycle tyre plant planter

Spring is in the air and we’ve got gardening on our mind!  If you’re planning on brightening up your garden with new plants, and are looking for some pots to use on patios, then here’s a novel way of combining planting with eco-friendly products.

These funky planters – which you can use outdoors or inside your home – are made from recycled rubber tyres. They’re long-lasting, durable, frost-proof and maintenance free, plus each planter is unique, with different tyre tread markings and dashes of colour.

When they’re not being used out in the garden, you can bring the pots indoors and use them as magazine racks or fire log baskets.

The recycled tyre garden planters are available in three sizes – small (£15), medium (£20) and large (£22) and can be purchased from Ecoutlet.

Olive green Mistral sofa from Heal’s

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Iconic retro style modern sofaRetro 1950s style contemporary sofa

There are some great sofas available that combine the retro 1950s style with contemporary design and this is just one of them. The simple and elegant lines of this Mistral sofa, which is exclusive to Heal’s, with its buttoned back cushions and small cone oak feet come together to provide a stylish and comfortable sofa.

The texured wool olive green fabric is a lovely colour (expect to see more fresh green trends in furniture and homeware as new spring 2011 arrivals emerge) and works well with the light oak feet.

If green isn’t for you, other colours are available, including cocoa, mushroom, emerald and puce.

The Mistral sofa is available in two sizes, plus there’s a matching one person love seat, and all options are currently reduced in the Heal’s sale. The Mistral medium sofa is now £1480, the large sofa is £1560 and and the loveseat is £1140.

Recycled eco Christmas tree decorations

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Green eco upcycled xmas decorationRecycled upcycled eco green xmas decorationRecycled upcycled eco green xmas decoration

Who knew old circuit boards and CDs could be so useful?

These funky Christmas decorations have been made from recycled circuit boards and CDs . They’re cut by machine and hand finished to ensure there are no sharp edges, then topped up with a piece of string.

Both the CD and circuit board decorations are available in a selection of shapes, including starts, Christmas trees, bells, snowmen and hearts and both materials work well as decorations, as they glitter and shine under the lights of a Christmas tree. The circuit board ones may vary slightly in colour – about 95% are green, but there may also be some dashes of gold, red and, on very rare occasions, blue.

The circuit board decorations are £3.00 each and the CD ones are £3.99. All are available from Nigel’s Eco Store.

Emeco 111 Navy Chair made from Cola bottles

Monday, September 27th, 2010
Emeco chair made from 111 recycled coca cola bottles

Once 111 Coke bottles, now a chair!

It’s probably no surprise by now that we love recycled furniture and homewares. In previous posts we’ve featured products such as a stool made from recycled tyres, a table made from remnants of reclaimed wood, a sundial made from coffee machine cups and, more recently, a chandelier made from milk bottles. Now we have a chair made from 111 recycled plastic Coca-Cola bottles.

The 111 Navy Chair is designed by Emeco and has been produced in conjunction with Coca-Cola. The chair is modelled on the original aluminium Emeco Navy Chair which was created in 1944 for the US Navy.

A great promoter of the benefits of using recycled materials in furniture production, the 111 Navy Chair contains a mix of 60% rPET plastic – recycled polyethylene terephthalate plastic – plus a combination of other materials, including fibre glass, to give it strength.

The red 111 Navy Chair has just arrived at the Conran shop, where it was launched last week, and is available to purchase online for £230.

Belkiz Feedaway flatpack portable high chair

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

belkiz-feedaway1jpg              belkiz-feedaway3  belkiz-feedaway4jpg

This cardboard, flatpack chair may look fairly unassuming when you first see it, but it’s actually a very clever idea and a great design.

Called the Belkiz Feedaway chair, it was created by Australian designer Betul Madakbas and can offer portable and temporary seating for children.

It’s by no means meant to replace traditional high chairs, but would be really useful for anyone who’s having children to stay and needs a high chair temporarily (there’s only so much baby equipment people can bring with them on a short trip).

The eco-friendly chair is made from recycled cardboard and is suitable for use with toddlers up to 20 months old, or 20kg/44lbs. Estimates suggest the chair should last for about 30 times before it’s no longer safe. It’s compact to store and easy to put together and available in various different colourways.

You can currently buy the Belkiz Feedaway chair from Styled Baby for AUD $39.95. Keep an eye out on the Belkiz website for details of more stockists as they become available.

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Vintage vinyl recycled bowl

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010
Recycled vinyl bowl

Recycled vinyl bowl

How clever is this?

If you’ve got a soft spot for traditional vinyl records, and you love recycling, then you can’t go wrong with this vinyl bowl.

Yes, the bowl is made from vintage vinyl records and each piece is unique, both in terms of exact dimensions, the record used and the colour label featured in the middle.

The Vinylux vinyl bowl is available from The Ethical Superstore, where you can currently take advantage of 49% off the usual price.

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